A Christmas Story

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I was lounging on my favorite quilt, just thinking my own little corgi thoughts the other night.


My dad was petting me and talking about how awesome I am. Things were going well.


Suddenly, I saw something with my peripherals. Oh no.




No room at the inn. Move along, lady. Somebody bring me some French toast.


Clover, I sympathize with you completely. Look here (http://mypaintingroom.blogspot.com/2009/12/cats-tree.html) to see what I have to deal with. Now we're both banned from the tree...not fair.

Buster, again. That link is not working...maybe get someone to type it in.

The puppers knows where it's at. No moving over for usurping kitties.

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog before but this made me spit coffee onto my keyboard - especially when the ghost-like kitty nudges into the picture. Thanks for this and thanks for all your inspiration!

Dear Miss Clover Meadow,
I am so glad you were able to pull rank and keep your cozy spot in spite of the bothersome kitters trying to butt in on your snuggle time. I live with THREE kitters, and although my people insist they are nice, I prefer to keep my distance. By the way, I love your quilt. I really must convince my people to make one for me, too.
Collie kisses and tail wags,
Miss Brenna Caramel-coat

hahaha! This was too cute!

My cardigan is in constant fear of our cat. The eyes look without moving the head for fear of being noticed. She also lounges in much the same way for a large part of the day. Ya gotta love a cardi.

I have to tell you that yesterday, we got a Corgi (Welch Pembroke) pup and it is a lovefest in our house right now! The pictures of your dog's very shiny, very expressive eyes remind me of our new little girl, Ember. Love your blog! :)

awww, where's the kitty-love??? she only wanted to be in the picture...

great to see the furry ones, haven't seen them for a while

(thanks for the link to the interview-- very inspiring, as always)

Alicia, I feel like you always know what to post that will bring sunshine and sometimes laughter too!
I needed that today. Adorable dog,
and kitty too!

Hahaha, love it.

You are too sweet for words! thank you for the giggle :) xx

thanks Alicia! I feel so much better now just seeing her little angel face....muah muah muah xoxox


hysterical - your timing on taking that photograph was amazing. I love the look on Clover Meadow's face - what kind of an interloper is that cat, anyway?? Way to go, Clover Meadow!

Too cute. When is Clover going to launch her own blog, "Corgi gets Cozy." :)

We believe that Miss Clover Meadow should have her own blog so that we can see what really happens behind the scenes at the Paulson household.

freaking hilarious. thanks!

*giggle* Those eyes!!

This made my day! Thanks for the laugh!

You have the BEST kitchen!

hahaha, so funny. I like the way Clover managed to move only her eyes.

I CAN HAZ FRENSH TOST 2?! Okey puppeh.

(Sorry, my cat insisted.)

Love it!

haha she slays me with her cuteness!

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