Blue, Snow, and Straw

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Believe it or not, I wrapped almost all of my presents the day after Thanksgiving, so they are loooong gone now — so glad. I tried to pick up my mail at my P.O. box a couple of days ago, and there was too much mail so they left me a slip saying I had to bring it to a postal clerk to pick it up. The line of people waiting to ship things was literally out the door, so I left all the mail there!

My wrapping plan was inspired by the doily article in last December's Martha Stewart Living. Pretty pretty pretty pretty. These lacy garlands are so beautiful, and the candleholders that look like snowy eyelet. If I can't have real snow, paper snowishness will have to do. I got my blue paper and doilies at a dollar store, and the eyelet tags and monogram stickers are from the Martha Stewart stuff at Michaels. I glued the doilies on with Yes! paste because I couldn't find the spray adhesive, but the spray adhesive would work great and be about a million times faster and less messy.


I was happy with them. I love it when things that are typically thought of as dusty and old-fashioned can be used in fresh ways. Ya know? The folks at Martha have been so very good at doing that.

Oh, and almost forgot — the snowflakey design on my windows? That is window film. I put it up a couple of years ago on several of the windows in our house that don't have very nice views (our neighbor's house is very close to ours on the east side of the house, and one of our kitchen windows looks directly out onto our garbage cans). I absolutely love it. Easy to do and perfectly pretty, though a bit pricey. But I plan to keep it there forever, so there's that.


LOVE the wrapping paper idea - it looks so lovely and fresh! I am going to give that a try this year. Thanks for shareing

Completely adorable gift wrap x

Great job! I sure wish I was finished wrapping mine. I'm still making some gifts so it will be a few days before I get to them. I love wrapping, so I'm looking forward to it!

Snowishness...exactly! Your writing always makes me smile, Alicia. BTW, I'm making the Nutcracker doll for my daughter and she's turning out quite lovely.
Cheery holiday magic to you,

that wrapping is wonderful! I love the simple white on the blue. as always so inspiring.

It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work.

The perfect blue. :)

I think it's ugly.

Love the look of the blue paper with the paper doilies. It reminds me of something a Grandmother would have in her house (I am a Grandma now, so maybe in my house...:)). Although I have always loved that look. Who doesn't?! It's so cozy, and comforting (like a Grandma)!

Oh Alicia, I forgot to add, I have the window film on one of my windows (it is on a long slender window at our entry door), it is a floral pattern made to look like stained glass. I love the white etched look on yours also. Great idea, Beautiful!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! What a shame to open such gifts and ruin the wrapping. I'd have to make like my lovely grandma and peel the tape off so I could save the paper!

just stopped by here this morning with my pot of tea, all ready to get my wrapping done today the first of the school hols and summer hols here in Australia, anyway I have set up myself with brown craft paper, string, raffia, and of course though I'm piling in a few doilies, because of course here, there is absolutely no hope of any snow, whatsoever!

thanks for the inspiration, oh and I've never tried Spray Adhesive, that's on my list

Merry Christmas


Love the packages, and the film on windows is inspired!

Very Pretty! I'd love to get a gift like that but in my circle I am the only one who goes in for special gift wrapping. Good thing giving is better than receiving I guess.

i love the doilies! perfect with the blue, where did you get that?

And that window film is awesome. How's cleaning?

Your gift wrapping is gorgeous! I love it! WIll have to try it out next year...or even this year maybe since I'm not as timely in my wrapping as you? lol :)

Thanks for the ideas. Was that you that dusted your cakes with powdered sugar using doilies to make patterns or did I see that somewhere else? you are so lucky to be done. I thought I was doing good having all but one present acquired but then the christmas cards hit. ugh...

I really like your gift wrap using the doilies. I think I might use that idea for some spring birthday gifts.

although i have lost interest after wrapping a number of presents, my original idea was to wrap a present like a paint chip.
planning on putting a white bow above the paint-strip/nametag, but that happens after i transport to my parents'

Gorgeous!!! And I ♥ the window film!! What a pretty and simple thing to do. The candle holders are stunning...those I'm definitely going to do. I would love to do this wrapping paper but I have regular wrapping paper from last Christmas to use up before I can start crafting my own. I can't wait until next year now!! That's so wrong, lol.

So pretty! I love wrapping presents. So much that it was the topic of my very first speech in speech class in school. I got an A. I give your presents an A+ for the doilies!

I love the blue and white, just too gorgeous! I am jealous of your completed wrapping though! I wonder what goodies you got at the post office??? I do not think I could have left without all of it!

I love it!!! I want to go wrap all my presents now. I would have never thought of doing this.

LOvely- those doily things make excellent hanging snowflakes too. Every year we cut snowflakes, stick them on the windows of the house and hang some from the ceiling with white buttons and little white baubles on the bottom. Last year I got lazy and used a bunch of those doilies in different sizes (the small ones work best) and they were great.

Beautiful! May you be filled with peace and love as you work on making your gifts just as pretty as you can! I've been doing a rush job on my wrapping.....I think I'll try to slow down today.

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