Little Gray Grannies

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Uh oh. I sense another crochet freak-out coming on. I hooked up one little blossom in a few minutes the other night just for fun and now . . . now look. A creeper. 


I don't have time for the Siren call of cashmerino and baby alpaca right now. Must. Walk. Away. Run. Though it's really tempting to succumb, especially as it is cold, dreary, dark, and rainy outside.

Details to come, I promise.


Isn't that what art is all about — the escape from the everyday to-do-or-die list? I say granny away, guilt-free! (they're so pretty!)

Holy shi-... look at those colors! I want them, I want them! Granny squares eh? Intriguing...

Love these! Don't you just love it when you can get so immersed in a project that you love!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh no! You might be able to walk away....but Baby Alpaca is calling to me now - and i don't have any willpower!!

Very nice! I like the antique look that the gray and muted colors give the blanket. I'm assuming that the gray is the Cascade Eco Alpaca?

Can you tell me what camera you used for this?

Oh what pretty color combos! :)
I need to get out my crochet hooks.

Please teach us how to make these gourgeous granny squares. I usually don't like g.s. too much, but these...lovely!

Absolutely lovely!!

I love the picture you posted today... it's so warm and inviting!

a creeper alright! that's hilarious. and very pretty.

OHHHH drop everything and keep going! Love the colors and stitch.

Those are so beautiful!! The colors are sophisticated, gorgeous, and familiar all at the same time. Granny squares are so versatile.

Hi Alicia! Just popping by to say hello again. Love your crocheting project. I have two good friends who sew and crochet or knit, and I have never really gotten too far on tasks like these. Seeing this stuff makes me want to try! But I have been making jewelry for about 20 years and am just putting some stuff in my friend's shop this weekend. Hopefully I'll sell something! I do a lot of sterling with semi-precious stones, glass, and Austrian crystal. Making things is really wonderful isn't it? I always love seeing what you are are up to, and your web site always makes me feel creative, warm, and at home. Hope you are enjoying time with your family! Lots of love, Raine x0x00x

Your color sense is wonderful - makes granny squares look really beautiful!

Also - may I ask where you got the basket-weave ottomon? I could use a couple of those....



Love the little gray grannies! Love the color, flowers, love it all. Now I want to do little gray grannies.....Is there a special pattern that you picked up somewhere?

I could seriously get caught up with these. When you share details could you please give instructions as to how you put them together. I'd like to learn.

I just found your blog, and oh my goodness, I love these. I will be a regular from now on. :)

Beautiful...thanks for the constant inspiration. I'm going to crochet right away!!! I've got a stash of YARN calling my name.

oh such beauty in those little squares Alicia, I love them! Love the puffiness of those central flowers, and your colours, as ever, are beautifully sublime.

Go-on-go-on-go-on, GIVE IN and go with the soft creep, it's the perfect season/time for it, honest!
Love and hugs to you my lovely

Pretty! Love the colors!

This is so lovely - I love the colours, love the flowers. OMG you HAVE to finish it. Make it big! We're you braggin' recently about having done all your gifts? Surely you have some time to crochet...

They look gorgeous!! Please share with us the pattern!!
Happy Holidays from Mexico

beautiful !
i'll never forget you're one of the two talented ladies (the other being my beloved great grandma) who got me hooked to a crochet hook ! and i'm forever thankful for this !

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