Ready to Bake My Gingerbreads, Etc.

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For my neighbors, from Nigella's recipe for Gingerbread with Lemon Icing. Or possible this recipe which I made a few years ago. It's the week of Christmas. I can hardly believe it's here already.

Thank you for all of your generous comments about the little gray grannies! They have been calming me at night this past week, as I try to get everything Christmassy done and proof my book dummy at the same time (agh — brain frazzle). Alas, I don't have time to work on the pattern (I keep changing the details) and gather specific yarn color details (other than the yarn links in the granny post) right now though I do promise I will when things slow down.

For inspiration, please admire these beautiful blankets that have been wowing me so much: Yvonne's gorgeous grannies, Lucy's super colorful hexagons (her crocheting truly blows my mind, that girl is amazing), and these by the lovely lovely Moonstitchesthe granny inspired by Nanny (McPhee) and her lovely hexie. And the hexie love Flickr group which will get you going in all sorts of directions. It's all just so pretty and makes me so happy.

Off to chop ginger with one hand and mark proofs with the other. . . . xo


Is that Lucy of the Attic?

Oops forgot the link thank you!!!!

I am also making cookies this morning. Sugar for me, cut out with the traditional cutters I use every Christmas. I am also working on your felt pattern ornaments, they are so pretty and addictive. I just posted my first on the flickr group. Happy baking.

Once you figure out how to make your hands work on two different projects, please tell me! My hands want to be knitting but they know they need to practice the harp for Christmas Eve services. Where is my long-lost twin when I need her?

I'm making gingerbread whoopie pies w/ lemon creme (from McCormick spice web site, FYI--they are incredible--you roll 'em in chopped peppermint to complete the ecstasy). Blessings in you, Alicia, for your wonderful blog, which is such a comfort. Thanks--Ann from the grey skies of Central Maine

Thank you for the links, I just went to look at them and . . . now I want to start a hexie blanket, after Christmas when things slow down or tonight if I get a free minute.

mmmmmm gingerbread! yesterday i baked up a batch of molasses crinkle cookies and your mom's recipe for jam thumbprints. delicious, christmassy bites. thank you alicia. xoxo

(please be careful as you proof and chop!)

Thank you for the links! Exactly what I need right now. I'll get going as soon as I'm off the net.

The gingerbread pic is lovely!

I love the hexagons. I did an octagon blanket a few years ago and even made a flickr group for it, but I need people to help fill it out!

Now I am a very crochet mood!

Susie Sears Taylor says: December 21, 2009 at 01:14 PM

I am not particularly a fan of eating gingerbread but I love the aroma of it and love to see gingerbread houses. I found a website blog that you may know about already called "not martha". She makes mini houses that perch on the rim of hot chocolate mugs. Too cute. Also, she mentioned using sugar cookie dough to make houses to sit atop mugs with tea etc.

I clicked through on Lucy's crocheting link, thought it was fabulous and bookmarked it. I Then looked in my knitting/crochet bookmark folder and discovered I had a couple of her projects already bookmarked. Clearly I've thought her stuff was awesome for awhile, so thanks for the link to remind me! Happy Solstice!

Similar to working on the grannies, I love to have a hand project to work on during Christmas. Guess what - I have finished Little Deer and the Woodlands Tree and am well into the Cottage of my Posie ornaments. They are really fun to make and are turning out well. When I am like you, I'll be able to bake the last two batches of Chocolate Peppermint Grammy Cookies while I stitch the smoke into place.

I'm on a cross stitch bender myself.
The gingerbread cookie recipe from Martha Stewart Baking Handbook is my favorite. We made some this weekend. Another cookie I made is shortbread. The family recipe is on my blog. So good. Lots of kneading but worth it.

OOhhh don't you just love the crystallized ginger chips? I might sneak a few nibbles right now from mine!
Then off for hot chocolate and driving to see the decorating lights around town.

What great sites those are!! And how inspiring! I picked up a great granny square book from the library yesterday. I can't wait to get started on some.

love gingerbread


Merry Christmas


Wow that sounds so divine. I have never had Gingerbread with lemon icing. Ill have to find a recipe for lemon icing.
Wishing you a season of CoMfOrt & JoY
LiBBy BuTTons

My boyfriend and I made our gingerbread house this weekend! We made a cottage for gummy bears, with a deck in the back for their Christmas party. We've got "Christmas lights," stained glass windows all over, and marshmallow chimney smoke.
Ours isn't as precise and lovely as I'm sure yours will be, but we had so much fun making the whole thing from scratch and it came out cute enough for us. :) Can't wait to see what yours looks like.

Thanks for the links. I think I've got this figured out now.
Merry Christmas to you Alicia.

Hey there Posie~ a vry yummy gingerbread recipe that I have is the Starbucks Gingerbread loaf...topped with a cream cheese frosting and chopped candied ginger. Another oh so yummy way to eat gingerbread is to top it off with a raspberry sauce! Yummmmm.:O)

OMG! I made a granny square blanket once. Started it in high school and eventually finished in college. I swore I'd never do it again. I hated that thing by the time it was done. But yours and those you linked to make my fingers twitchy. I love the colors. I may need to start just a small pillow after the holidays.

Cripe, everytime I look at this BEST BLOG I could practically fall down, does EVRYTHING you do MATCH??!!!! WHY oh why can't MY house be like this!!!!!

I didn't think I liked grannies (oh the snobbery!) until I saw yours! HOW BEAUTIFUL!


I was going to introduce myself to you at Josh & Keely's wedding, but I never had the chance to. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is a huge inspiration to me.


P.S. Andy was AWESOME.

I love this recipe for Gingerbread cake. I made it last year and it was a big hit. I'm making it again tomorrow!

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