Sleepy Saturday

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Sleepover morning. Waiting for breakfast. Silverpond's Lemoncello Cinnamon Dream and Silverpond's Dark Country Blizzard (we fancy-named our pretend corgis). Vanilla waffles cooking. Crocheting rabbits and little gray grannies as we talk. Rain and clouds. Tired Clover at our feet. Uncle Andy in a Santa hat. Sufjan Stevens always on. I love our winter sleepovers so much.


I love them.


Love those mugs in the background!
We are enjoying a lazy snowy sunday. Nursing sore throats and earache but enjoying the fire.

I reckon she does too.

I love the pon pom garland!

Oh, Alicia...thank you so much for mentioning the Sufjan Stevens music. Through a happy circumstance, I read your post early this evening and was then able to listen to every single song this evening in our kitchen, with the wonderful music and candlelight and warmth within...and the deep snow and darkness without.

Happy Christmas!


i am sure she is one of the luckiest girls in the world...
merry christmas to you and yours...

Thanks again you guys. The annual Christmas sleepover is one of her favorite things in the whole world. Your "pretend" corgis have triggered a full on obsession to get the real thing. But you knew that would happen...

Sleepy Saturdays are fun, fun, fun!
Merry Christmas, best wishes from a snowy, cold Belgium (at last!).

I'm so loving the swedish decor!

Oh it must be so much fun to be your niece! I wonder what you made her for Christmas????Hmmmmmm???

Aww,,,how sweet! Love the photos...:) thanks for sharing!

No snow for us... the sun is shining down under (Tasmania, that is) your Saturday morning looks so cosy and I love your felt ball garland.

Merry Christmas from me too!

my girlfriend just gave me Sufjan Stevens this year, I {heart} it soooo much!!

Mrs. Butterworth's syrup?? Really? Ewww.

this sounds like so much fun!! I want to see the crochet rabbit though!

Captain Momma says: December 21, 2009 at 02:23 PM

Such blessed memories that dear girl will have. She is so very lucky to have an Aunt like you :)

Merry Christmas,
God Jul og Godt Nytt Ar!

I was enjoying the beautiful photos of your fun sleepy saturday when I noticed your gorgeous fireplace in the background!

Did you do the flower designs over the brick? If so, how, oh how, can I do that to my own? I'm living with a 1959 fireplace with awful, awful panelling behind it, and I'm trying to find a way to "cottage" it up. I def. want to paint it white, but am looking for other ways to make it better looking...

Here's a link for you to see what I have currently...

Any advice is welcome! Thanks so much!

Just wanted to say hello and copliment on your blog, your work, well on everything!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Did you make the stockings? ADORABLE. I want some exactly like those!

debi jonker says: December 22, 2009 at 10:17 PM

Such sweet pictures! Really enjoy looking at them all,it brings a sense of peace at this busy and hectic time of year. Have yourself a merry little Christmas day!

Waffles sound delicious...too bad ruined by Mrs. Butterworth's! Think pure maple syrup next time!

I was thinking about you around the 18-19th! My DH and I came up to Portland from Utah to see our son graduate from the Portland School of Arts on Friday. The weather was well "Portlandish" and really grey and rainy... but to no avail... I realize that rain is the entire reason that Portland is as pretty as it is. Funny thing though, as we got to the airport and we waiting to take off (Monday last) .... the Sun broke thru the clouds and there was a beautiful sunset. We had a wonderful visit and the kids took us to Burgerville across the river... and boy was it good! I choose not to have a burger... but instead had a Hazle nut and smoked salmon salad w/raspberry vinegret.... yep.... it was a great choice! Hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that your New Year will be too!

I love that Mrs. Butterworth looks like a shining beacon of yumminess!

I also love how you deal with the lack of snow by making it feel snowy indoors. I'm going to have to try that. Southern VA is like a permanent snow-drought after living in Boston for 10 years. I know you can sympathize :)

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