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Thank you so much for sharing, Alicia. You make me smile. Happy New Year!

What music is that? It's really nice.

Lovely! And did I forget that you spin? Happy New Year!

I love that! Happy New Year!

Thanks to you two! And Happy New Year!

Alicia, that was wonderful!! What a beautiful thing to share. It truly gave me goosebumps. I may have to make one for my blog! All the best Alicia :) Happy New Year!

What a wonderful gift! Happy New Year to you and yours.

What a fabulous slideshow! I could watch it again and again. I especially loved Mr. (Miss?) February! Happy new year to you and your family!

That was excellent. Happy new year!

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing and happy new year to you and your family.

so,so beautiful. who are the musicians? it was a perfect fit.

happy new year!

Thank you for sharing! Have a happy New Year!

Oh my gosh! I love it! Happy New Year!

Aww, when you and Andy popped up at the end I got a little tear in my eye. Thank YOU guys for sharing with us!

sharon stanley says: December 31, 2009 at 01:32 PM

your 2009 has enriched mine...thanks and happy 2010...sharon

Thank you so much for making this available. This makes me nostalgic for all those great things about the United States that I miss.

beautiful and the ending is my favorite part...smiling here! happy, happy new year to you two!

Your year was so lovely and comforting...and it is so nice to see your entire beautiful smiling face.

blessings to you as 2010 begins;)

Is the accompanying music to your slideshow the "early morning rain" melody ? Love all the Spring photos, I am in a Spring mood once Christmas is over ! Happy new year !

Gorgeous! You live an artistic and charmed life, thanks for sharing it.

Karen Dodson says: December 31, 2009 at 01:47 PM

LOVE IT!!! And you know what I love evn more??? That I VIVIDLY remember almost ALL of those pics!!

Happy New Year!! Here's to a great 2010!!!

I love it. So pretty and simple and homey. Cheers to you & Andy & Clover in 2010! Thank you for sharing your year with us.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the nice words -- and yes, the song is "Early Morning Rain" (originally by Gordon Lightfoot, but recorded many, many times -- my favorite version is the Kingston Trio's [thanks to my old friend Jeff]). If you make a slideshow, you can pick from many different songs that they've made available; this particular verion is in the Bluegrass section (and there is more info if you click on the music link below the slideshow, too).

:-) xo a

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