Snow Show

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She's not sure. You can tell by the hesitating paw.


The dogwood tree in the backyard: a bouquet of frosted flakes.


The light turned violet.


Everything sounded so different, clear and soft. Way off in the distance, I could hear children playing outside.


In the front yard, Christmas lights made a real-life snow village. The reindeer on my neighbor's flag leapt joyfully.


Streetlights gave the plum tree high drama.


Houselights gave the hydrangea a golden glow.


It really did feel like a movie set. It's almost all gone this morning. But it was utterly wonderful while it lasted.


Beautiful pics and taken in such lovely tranquil light x

Gorgeous photos!

That was quite the show! How pretty and a bit surreal.

it looks absolutely amazing.

It looks like the set for "It's a Wonderful Life." Beautiful!

It really was beautiful last night...I just feel so bad for so many friends that got stuck in the traffic nightmare and took 4-6 hours to get home last night...

i pulled on my snow boots and took a lovely night time neighborhood walk with my camera. what a magical time!

Really lovely photos...snow makes everything seem so magical.

It's our treat that you captured it... what beauty.

I just love your photos and the descriptions are just perfect. I hope you enjoyed your snow. Happy New Year!

Truly wonderful photos!!! Love them!

So pretty. It's amazing what a few miles difference can make - we are still COVERED in snow here in Ridgefield. And we aren't that high up in elevation (just over 100' I think right here). It's still 32 degrees so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Delightful. You should see what it's like up the hill towards Mt. Hood. So pretty.

Beautiful photos! That seems like such a lot of snow to be gone by morning. But that's the way it is in the Willamette Valley, isn't it. (And in my part of NC, too.) And that's how I like it -- there long enough to look pretty and maybe cancel school (yippee!) but gone before I'm tired of it.

So so pretty! (and so glad you shared your snowy photos)

Thanks for sharing the snow - I wish it would come around a little more often here - usually a few flakes every 10-15 yrs or so! Happy winter to you.

So beautiful! It was snowing as I tucked in for the night, but we only received half an inch or so. I so wanted just a little more. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Ahhhh, pretty!

such lovely LOVELY pictures, it really is a winter wonderland! :)

Great photos! It is lovely till it all turns to mush!

SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the glimpse.

Romantic, Lovely and Cozy is how I see it. Amazing...I only wish I could be there.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful snowfall.

Wow! I really envy you for those happy hours of snow. We've had a bit over here in the UK about 10 days ago but it quickly went away too, too quickly to my taste anyway!
Happy new year to you 3 ;)

You captured it beautifully! A fresh coating of snow does make things extra-magical in the winter. Until you have to shovel...which I did plenty of last weekend in order to get my harp out the door to Christmas services! Enjoy your winter wonderland while it lasts.

My Corgi was none too pleased with the snow. :)

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