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I was just making some snow buds tea when I looked out the kitchen window, and there they were:


Snow buds, for reals!




I did not know that tea could conjure miracle snow!!!




Oh, snow. I LOVE YOU MAN!

An hour later: Still totally coming down — everything is white now [cue Snoopy happy dance!].



So wintry Harry Potter-ish! You know...if Harry had a dog for a pet too.

Linda from Tucson says: December 29, 2009 at 04:09 PM

Sigh. . . so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. I am trying not to be too jealous.

Finally some white stuff here! Its beautiful but I have to say I'm happy we don't have as much as last year!

My cats are not pleased...

Yay for snowy weather, especially when it is still untouched and beautiful. The grey, sleety, dirty drifts, not so much. Hope it stays white and sparkly for you.

Ahhh! I missed it! And on my birthday, too! Please say it's sticking...

I'm sooo envious of you PDX peeps! That snow has not made it's way to Astoria. Yet.

Loving the snow through your photos. And am putting on a pot of tea RIGHT NOW.

I love the snow.. I wish those certain coworkers who are negative about it would turn and just enjoy it. They sent me home early and it was so fun to drive home in it. I loved sitting at the lights watching it hit the window. I am now sitting here with the dogs and doing my cross stitching, surfing and enjoying watching it fall. It is so joyful to watch the reaction from the dogs that I am babysitting. They are both timid and one won't go in it at all. lol.... but they are both here staring at it fall.... Snow Snow……..

We had one very small dusting a few weeks ago and nothing again since. Rain and more rain is in the forecast. Sigh. Thanks for sharing your snow :)

I'm going to brew a pot of Snowflake Tea tomorrow and see if it works ;)

Am I the only one who doesn't know what snow buds tea is? Someone please tell me.

Snow-I love you too, man!

We had (uncharacteristic) snow last week, but it didn't stick. We're in Texas. I'm glad you like it if you're in a climate that has it!

We had snow the other evening. The view from my window was gently snowing fall with a backdrop of a glowing church bell tower and the neighbors outdoor christmas lights. It was so lovely {sigh}.

your photos are lovely

Yea for you!!!! We had a wee bit here too in south eastern AZ. Just enough to make me wildly happy!!!
Little Clover Meadow doesn't look too sure about it though. LOL!

I love snow! I grew up in the south, deeeep in the south on the Gulf of Mexico...very little snow there. lol. I moved up north and look forward to the first snow of the season every year...this year we were lucky and had about 8-10 inches a week ago. Loved it!

totally just pictured you doing the snoopy happy dance (since i barely know what you look like and all, but its cool, thats how imaginations work).

Where can I get some of that tea? I am so ready for more snow here.
Enjoy the snow and the tea!

Lovely photos graphs and I have snow bud envy since I'm in SoCal...and not in the local mountains either!

pretty! And that's one of my favorite Clover Meadow photos, ever.

Lived in several northern states and loved the snow but not to drive in! Now live in FL and can't say I miss the snow one bit!

Thank you, Alicia, for the lovely pics. No snowfall here in Maine, (just a little old stuff on the ground), but they tell us we are going to bring in the New Year with a good ol' fashion Nor'easter!

Awww. I love the snow too. And, as well, the bitter and frigid cold. (I think that it's in my Scandinavian genes.)

Happy, happy snow! I hope that it gives you the same sweet feeling that your blog gives me.

Happy New Year!

As a fellow Chicagoan turned Portlander, I think I might be just as excited as you are. Isn't it pretty?

sharon stanley says: December 29, 2009 at 07:22 PM

so beautiful...the photos and the snow...what a lovely way to end one year and begin another...

I had a white christmas so I'm happy, but it all melted by now. How sad. It's cold enough now, but no snow. *sigh* But I warmed up and cheered up with good old fashioned mincemeat cookies - swing on by my blog to try one...

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