Where Andy Paulson Makes a Pizza (Updated)

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and it doesn't work out.

He didn't think it was funny until a little later. At the moment when I took this picture, I believe he was still "in crisis" [his words]. At least I didn't say "Wha' happened?"

Until a little later. 'Cause then you know I did.

Update: Note from Andy:

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!! Just when I was bragging that I should be an honorary Italian for my awesome risotto...

So my pretty good looking pizza was on the pizza peel thing. I tried to slide it off onto the 500 degree pizza stone and it rolled on me. Cheese all over the stone! Cripes! So I pulled the stone out and scraped it clean and built another pizza directly on it (which we ate). While it was cookin', I rebuilt the rolled pizza and stabbed myself while trying to run a knife under it so it would slide off. This is when the "crisis" began. The crust was thin. It wouldn't slide. So I tried the calzone approach. It wasn't working, so I went for pizza omelette. It became more of a fritter. Why I put that thing on the pizza stone, I don't know. Smoke. Blood. Suddenly camera and laughing wife. Hot pizza stone. Small kitchen. We didn't eat it. I ate some of it.


Ha ha ha! (Sorry to Andy!) When I first saw it I thought, "Ew, she's posting this as a good thing???" Good to know our house isn't the only one where dinners don't always work out! :)

Did he bake it on that wood board? Oh, my!!! I'm sure you both got a good laugh afterwards...!!!

Oh, man. The pizza looks like its in pain.

the nice thing about pizza, is the pizza ball will still taste as good as the pizza pie.

As I've said for the last, maybe 35 years, I love pizza! Put a little tomato sauce and a lot of cheese on cardboard and I'm there! What's the problem? See you soon, and I'll eat it!

Well, it's not exactly pretty...but I can still nearly smell it with it's gooey melted cheese....it's actually making me kinda hungry. :)

Guess what? My daughter sat next to Fred Willard at a play last week and although it was SO tempting to say something to him, she didn't.
We say "Wha Hoppened" and "I can't do my worrk" to each other all of the time!
Sorry about the pizza. Looks a bit like an alien autopsy.

I feel your pain, that looks a lot like my inside-out calzone. And I guess "in crisis" is a good way to describe the Kermit the Frog-style fit I had.

I can't decide if I want to laugh, or barf! Seriously, that is one heck of a picture. And...I would still eat it!
Go, Andy!

That looks like my attempt at GRILLED pizza which always sounds so good but I can never pull it off....

Susan Holmberg says: December 07, 2009 at 09:38 PM

love this! gave me a good laugh! go andy!

Oh, my! What a very interesting-looking pizza.

Oh my, that looks like the wrong end of a dog... but did it taste good? Once in a while our dinner looks like someone sat in it but if it tastes good, who cares hehe

i think i'd still eat it, the first thing i said when i saw the picture was yum lol

Hey...it's got cheese...even a bad pizza is still a pizza;)
I hope this doesn't discourage him from making pizza next time. What did you end up having for dinner?

Whew, that looks more like a tumor than a pie.

Poor Andy, wha' did happen?

I TOTALLY know what happened...no worries, Andy...I have done this before...and yes, the pizza roll is totally fine to serve...just not to guests...or people who aren't blind folded.

How did it end up so..... not flat?

Poor Andy, I have had my share of tragedy. The worst was making a beautiful pizza and pulling it out of the oven. Only to have the Pizza get excited and jump of the pan onto the floor.
My motto: Try try again and again..and again:]

A picture tells a thousand words!

Oh my! Poor Andy, it is so annoying when this kind of thing happens after putting in effort.

Awwwwww! Bummer!

My husband would not even attempt to make a pizza!! - I'm impressed that he even did it!!

Tell Andy I understand completely. this post on my blog - http://bitsandpieces-brenda.blogspot.com/2009/12/baby-steps-on-my-journey-to-becoming.html

will show him how I know exactly how he felt.

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