Winter Stills

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Andy's mom has been visiting us since Thursday and we are having a truly wonderful time.


We have been busy and I haven't been taking many photos, but these quiet places were asking me [whispering to me] to see them.


As they [quietly] often do.


Merry Christmas Alicia!

Beautiful pictures! I really like the star on top of your tree.

beautiful...wonderful shots of seasonal loveliness. definitely making me feel inclined to get on the ball with my own decorating. thanks for the push;)

I love that picture of the candles with that neat backdrop! Thank you for sharing...

Such a serene setting...xx

Love all that glowy warmth!

Liking the "glow" that you show. 'Tis the Season. Still enjoying your blog.

Looks like you're all - holiday, tuned in! ENJOY! Thank you for sharing.

i love the birds in the background of the first photograph...

Is that cut-out paper in your window? What a great idea. Would love to know the details. So warm and glowy. Very nice.

Those snowflakes are quite magical.

Beautiful! And oh my gosh, my mom had a pinecone-and-nut wreath like that when I was a kid! Only hers was round. I wonder what ever happened to it? I'll have to ask her.

Perfect, that your home be filled with the warmth and light that always comes through in your blog. You're a special lady!

magical alicia. thank you...

Very warm and cozy photos...:) Love the bird collage art work. Is the third picture (under the bird artwork)wood-burned?

SO pretty--I love that tree topper!

This is a little random, but I noticed that Hulu has a collection of holiday movies from the Family Chanel and I couldn't help but think of you. Your post last year about the required ingredients for a successful holiday film were Hi-Larious! You should re-link to that post.

Great tree topper is it made from wood?

Just bought the 'Walk in the Woods' and the 'Ice Skating Afternoon' Patterns. I am looking forward to many happy hours of making then with my daughters.

Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

I haven't taken many photos recently either. I would like to visit your quiet places, and slow down enough to visit some of my own too. Lovely.

Your tree topper star is just gorgeous and I love how everything just glows. It's almost enough to make me want to get in the Christmas spirit, though I've been kind of Grinchy this year.

Magical pictures! I love the window coverings, are they paper, or some kind of stick ons? So festive.

Troy Louise says: December 14, 2009 at 02:12 PM

So pretty - I have a Swedish candle holder very similar to yours - must light it up tonight! Got the sweet deer & pine tree ornaments done. Hope to get the sweet cottage done this weekend. Hugs.

Ahhhh... the beauty that lies within the Paulson residence. I love seeing Christmas at your place! xo

Really love that tree topper. Maybe you could show us how to make it ( The pinecone wreath is just as gorgeous.

yes. yes. yes.
to each one :)
sending you a
warm squeeze,
lovely one!

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