Present Parade

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It's funny how it takes a little while for things to get back to "normal" after the winter holidays. There's a little bag of cinnamon almonds from my neighbor that I've been munching on since Christmas Eve, still hanging around. There's a little vintage plastic reindeer on the kitchen windowsill that didn't make it back into the Christmas box. My Swedish electric candles are still up, and I think I'll leave them in their windows all winter, since it's soooooo dark here during the day lately. There is a little pile of envelopes from holiday cards whose new addresses need to be recorded in my new address book. The big stuff has been cleaned up and put away; the little stuff lingers, like glitter. Christmas contrails.


I took some photos as I was making Christmas presents this year so that I could show you some of the stuff that I only hinted at before, since I didn't want the recipients to see what they were getting. For my sisters, I made versions of the Farmer's Daughter Apron I made for myself and Andy's mom last fall. The blue one with the daisies was for Susie, and this buff-colored one with the red flowers was for Julie:


Sometimes I think maybe I'll do a pattern for these, and then I get tired and go and lay on the couch and watch some more made-for-TV-Christmas movies, and the impulse fades.

(Kidding. Kinda.)

Julie gave me the prettiest scarf, which you can see right here on her gorgeous new blog (yay, Julie!). Please give her a big hug and a kiss for me when you're over there, because my sissy is just awesome. I love her and you will too. xoxo


Pretty aprons.

Since today is Epiphany, I fail to see the need to rush in getting Christmas decorations down... Christmas really isn't over on December 26. ;)

I love those aprons, they are beautiful.

Those aprons are SO pretty! Love them.

Lovely aprons. And I just loved the bit about glitter and contrails. Made me smile!

Your sister's blog is lovely! I also love your header. It is so hard to get motivated again after the holidays and these gray, dark, rainy days aren't helping much. I'm having the same issues.

Beautiful aprons! So lovingly made.
The binding on the last one is the same material I used in my daughter's quilt -- you can see it in one of the stars here
lower right hand corner in the collage. I love those 19th century reproductions! So pretty.

Just visited your sister's blog.
I love it.
You guys are awesome.

Those aprons are Wonderful! Especially the bias tape trim--makes the apron look so neat and clean.

It wouldn't be the apron that I'd slop around in the kitchen wearing, but it would definitely be the apron that I'd throw on just as the company was arriving.

Lovely items!!!! You have much talent my friend.

In case I forget...I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday. You and I share our birthdays and I don't know exactly what I'm doing tomorrow...LOL!!!

Blessings to you on a wonderful day!


Present time!
I miss those few minutes in school, after Christmas break, when friends would gather and ask: What'd you get? Sharing time is fun. You GAVE some beautiful gifts. What'd you get?

What wonderful gifts! I love blue and that blue apron is just amazing! I love your sister's blog and you must have been thrilled to open that gorgeous scarf! What a talented family!

Oooh, it's like a sequel! The Story of Arden from an alternate point of view! :-) Thanks for the link -- impossible to get enough of Arden. Also, great scarf.

I also saw that Arden has her onw blog. Super cute!!! (And so talented.)

I'm loving Julie's blog- so pretty and lovely. And those aprons, OH MY.

Awesome. But stop it with the talented/crafty family genes, already! Too much! (Your nephew looks a lot like you, I think. Those eyes!)

I just visited your sister's blog and your nieces! Wow, what a creative family you have.

I wish, wish, wish I'd have made some handmade gifts for the holidays. Usually I can squeak out one or two, but this year - zip. Yours are treasures!

Thanks for the link to your sister's blog - another lovely place to visit! I enjoyed your "year in review" and the music - my, what memories! That was some good music, huh?

The aprons are beautiful. The first one made me smile and think of my mother. She is a daisy lover.

These are so beautiful! My boyfriend's mum would love them, I will have to show her. Your embroidery is always so perfect and neat, and I love the choice of colours. Your sister's blog is so pretty too.

Your little aprons are the inspiration I needed to learn to embroider. When you were doing the natural colored one a couple months back, I thought "I need to learn to embroider - look how pretty that is!" And since, a monster is born. :)

You have a talented family and the best part is you're so supported of each other.

The aprons are lovely - you are so talented with the needle. But! I am desperate to know what the 'coy crochet' was all about. What is it? Where is the pattern? What was the yarn? Thanks, as always, for your inspirations.

I think I can speak for everyone here when I say...I wish I were your sister too!!! Those aprons are precious.

The aprons are gorgeous! I think you do need to do a pattern, but only, you know, if you're up to it!

Went over to your sister's blog - it's so delightful! Between the two of you I could find enough stuff to read to keep me distracted from work all day!

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