Silvery Daisy Chain

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Back in November, I showed you just a weensy glimpse of a Christmas present I was making for my mom: this pretty pale-gray crocheted scarf:


I was so happy with how it came out. The pattern is "#27" from a Japanese craft book called Handmade Crochet Book, ISBN 978-4-415-10530-7. (I buy all of my Japanese craft books locally from Kinokuniya in Beaverton; I'm not sure if they will take phone orders and ship books out for you — does anyone know? Yes, it sounds like they will!) I used a 4.00mm hook and my beloved Eco Alpaca yarn in color #1524 (Oatmeal) from Happy Knits (probably three skeins).

This scarf took a looooong time. I didn't find the pattern to be particularly relaxing, admittedly. Even after I had it memorized, I had to think about it a lot, and count a lot, and rip out a lot, and redo a lot — but at least it was all one color, which sort of balanced the degree of difficulty! Each little triangle motif is crocheted separately, then joined, triangle by triangle; then a border is worked around the entire thing (and I wound up doing another round of single crochet beyond what the directions called for around the border again, I think). There were 24 triangle motifs in all. But it was so soft and so gooshy and warm when it was done. I just loved it. And my mom did, too.


I made Andy's mom a different crocheted scarf. I'll show you that tomorrow!


Just lovely! Now that I've finally finished a few knitting projects, I'm on the hunt to find a new project.

I love the colour of this, so much x

What a beautiful scarf and what a fantastic present.


What a beautiful scarf! I love the soft gray color.

It's gorgeous, great job! It is really hard for me to work on a project that requires so much concentration, so doubly well done.

What a beautiful scarf. I bet your mum loved it!!

Ali x

So lovely...I love daisies! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

sharon stanley says: January 18, 2010 at 09:57 AM

great color...beautiful work..

Thank you for sharing the color of yarn, yarn used and hook size. Your Mom is so lucky to have this beautiful scarf.

It's so pretty. I'm terrible at crochet, but my sisters are amazing. I just had one make me a pair of slippers, though, so I might have to wait a bit for my next request.

Great scarf. Alpaca makes for super squishy crochet.

Love your choice of subtle colors to accent your pretty brights! xo,

I love that you share the whole truth about your creations. It's beautiful.

Love the scarf! I am consistently amazed at how well you style your creations and the photographs! Thank you for sharing with us!

I love the pretty. I LOVE GRAY, it is one of my favorite colors right now!

The scarf is GORGEOUS.

that is just so lovely...everything is perfect...the color, the design, and the love that went into it;)

Gorgeous! And I really like the floral umbrella hanging beside it in your photo. Nice!

Well it sounds like it was just awful to make lol:) But, the end result is breathtaking! It is so intricate and gorgeous. Every ones in a while I like to make things that are really difficult because when it's completed you feel really proud of yourself. It's like wow, I'm awesome!

Wishing I was your Mom right now...laughing...:) That is one beautiful piece of art work! I received a gray crocheted scarf for my birthday this year. My dear Mother-in-law made it for me, it is beautiful also, but I don't think the pattern was as complicated as yours looks! Can't wait to see the next scarf...:)

How soft, lovely and comforting! It looks a little vintage, almost like well-worn Battenburg lace. I'm sure it will be well-worn by your mom!

Lovely! I love the gray!!!

Your mum's scarf is stunning! And I bet all the hassle that went with it just makes it so much warmer.

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