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I'm glad that there is this sort of slow, tired, quiet time in the year. It took me a half an hour to eat my oatmeal this morning. I'm looking around, taking a deep breath. Okay. 2010.


You make a bowl of oatmeal look like a feast for the Gods... :)
I'm glad 2010 is being good to you. xx

if that ~~cutie bowl~~ was mine
i would take
a L O N G time
to eat to!


valentine oatmeal bowl!

how come everything you eat at your house is so much cuter than everything I eat at my house? :)


Covetous in Chicago.

Love your post. It is what I love so much about the Pacific Northwest. Life is more relaxed and it is okay to move slowly.

What a cute bowl, it's good to take some time to eat, wouldn't want to get indigestion. Take a breather and then jump on in, so far this year is great.

Thanks ladies -- I got the bowl at Anthropologie yesterday. :-)

I must dido all that has been said!!! Ellen

Not to sound like an echo, but OH my! I love that bowl! If you're an oatmeal fan, try this recipe...

...and it's even better with graham crackers crumbled into it.

Lynn Osborne says: January 12, 2010 at 12:07 PM

I got that same coffee cup for Christmas. I totally love it!

Kind of a silly question, but how do you prepare your oatmeal? It looks delicious!

What a charming way to spend your morning. But, I'm off to read about the Timberlake Lodge. I have always wanted to head there. We are out in Seattle a lot and this has always caught my travel agent eye....

I'm in agreement with Courtney! Your food always looks entirely better than mine! And I don't even really LIKE oatmeal! But I do believe I would eat yours joyfully! ;o)

Presentation is EVERYTHING, right Posy? I wonder if you plan out what all of your meals will be decorated as....hmm....

Heather R. says: January 12, 2010 at 12:27 PM

I have two of those bowls and the matching mugs! They make my mornings much easier to handle!

-Heather R.

Your bowl is adorable. Is it handcrafted?

I agree. I mean, having little kids, means that I'm not actually able to move all that slowly, but I like the slow feel that January has. It is all about crochet for me this month. Sitting down with something nice and hot to drink (though often it has gone cold because of the little kids...) and a hook and some yarn!

A slow morning is such a blessing! I hope the rest of the day was, too!

Porrige in a perfect bowl. It's not a bad way to start a year.

What a good eye you have for matching textures! At first glance, I wondered if you purchased the bowl and did the artwork on it yourself?! Don't they sell pens that can do artwork on glazed ceramics?? I have cross-stitched on fabric that was named: oatmeal cloth, your napkin reminded me of it...:) Very homey and cozy!

Your post today was perfect. Just what I needed to hear. For the last few months of the year my to-do lists usually lead up to the close of the year. Then when the new year starts, I'm left going, "Okay, now what?" That's usually followed by "Oh geez, why am I squandering all this time away? What am I supposed to be doing?" Your post reminded me that I need to stop fighting, and just embrace it. It will come.

Oh, your Timberline Lodge post is making me HOMESICK. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday.

And, good for you for eating breakfast in the morning. I've been recently scolded that a latte does not count as breakfast. Boo.

I LOVE this picture!!!!

Slowing down and relaxing is a good thing :)


I just read your post about the Timberline lodge. We stayed there about 12 years ago in July and can clearly remember hearing the noise of the folks arriving in the morning with all their ski equipment to go skiing before the hot afternoon sun. That place just stays in my mind, it was so wonderful, even in the SNOW in the SUMMER!!! Loved it so much. Now when I watch the movie, the Shining, it brings back so many memories. Loved it.

Stunning image! You are the Queen of cozy warmth. Then again, you're also Queen of cool summer cozy as well.

All hail Queen Posie!

Anthropologie bowl. Got it. I'm off to check them out.

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