Sweet Magic Day

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Guys, I had such a great day. I just now got back from my birthday trip and I will tell you all about it. But I wanted to pop in here tonight real quick and say thank you for all of your kind wishes and words. I am so touched — thank you so much. They made an entirely magical day even sweeter. xoxoxoxox!


Oh! Can't wait to hear! Is that snow outside that window?


Um, what happens when the snow comes up to the top of the window???

Happy (belated) birthday! I hope it was delightful!

Happy Birthday , tho. I am late. It looks as if you had a wonderful time and I am so happy for you. My b'day is coming up and I have very mixed emotions about it. I am astounded at how old I will be, but so grateful to be alive.
Cheers times two for you .

Happy belated Birthday!...can't wait to hear about it.

Wait a minute!-- is that snow visible in the window that high on the window because the snow fell that high? As in is the snowfall there up to your waist? Or is that a second floor window over looking a roof?

heh? So snowfused right now!

You must tell us when your wish comes true!

Happy Birthday! Better late than never :]

Geri Pearson says: January 08, 2010 at 11:06 PM

You are on my list when I sing " these are a few of my favorite things" Happiest Days to you!

happy birthday!! :)
so late, I know, but only just found you!! hooray for Meee!!! :)

What an awesome picture! I can't wait to hear all about it.

i'm late, but so glad you had a happy birthday. looking forward to scenes from your trip. happy weekend!

As everyone else, I'm really curious to hear / see what you've been up to for the big day. hope you had a good time. Take care!

Tell, girl, tell! Can't wait to see your pics, they're always worth coming for.

So glad you had a great birthday, can't wait to see what you got up to.

So glad it was magical.

Hubby has just gone out in the Landrover to get more coal for the fire as the snow is drifting here and if he leaves it any longer our rural lanes will be impassable, yikes!

Cant wait to hear about your snow,

Sarah x

Hurrah for fab birthday trips, looking forward to hearing about it

Such a lovely romantic picture. Snow has that affect.

Did your wish come true?

Looking forward to hearing about it! Sending my best from southern Minnesota, where its -6 degrees and the snow is covering 1/3 of the windows!

I missed your previous post, but better late than never: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Can't wait to read about it and I am so happy you had a magical day.

Happy Birthday. Hope you treated yourself! Did you go to Mount Hood? We've had our share of snow here in Maryland.

Oh Lordy, I am late. I am always late for people's birthdays, yet five full minutes early for everything else. So sorry, and hope that the birthday joy lingers for as many days as it can.

Much love,

goodness, how high is that snow!!!??? what a beautiful photo.

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