The Only Thing Lazier

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than a corgi puppers in a floofy unmade bed is



What a crew.


Val in Bend says: January 13, 2010 at 09:02 AM

I'm thinkin' Gray Grannies! How about you?

I check your blog a few times a week. I can not get over how much our dogs act alike.. They must have been separated at birth... I love to hear having about your puppers and another funny this is I call my Pup.. Puppers Chlo Chlo.. It stuck as soon as we got her. I always thought she was a basset beagle mix but maybe there is some Corgi in there too :)So please keep posting about your pup. The posts always make my husband and I smile!

Looks like someone even tucked her in with some covers. Sweet.

That makes me want a nap. Only I would have to fight for space in the bed with three very bed-hoggy kitties. Don't move an inch from there today if you can help it!

What a lovely picture,my dog used to do the same he would even let us cover him up.Happy memories.


Does that crazy little CM realize how very photo genic she is???? I want to cuddle with her.....Muah!


now I just want to go back to bed...thanks;) I guess I'll get another cup of tea instead.

Wishing I could jump back into a bed like that, looks super comfy.

oh my gosh, I'm laughing at the fact that I also use floofy - but to describe my floofy golden Gus...and your corgi abed is so sweet!

But that's the best place to be. Enjoy!

She does have a bit of a doggy-guilty look on her face though!

Awww! hee hee!

Alicia, I love other people's dogs... but your puppers is always first and tops on my list of dogs to adore.

i'm just glad to hear that i am not the only one...

must be something about corgi's. Our two corginators refuse to leave the bed when all snuggled up too. one saturday morning the older one was still in bed snoozing 2 hours after we were up and at 'em.

Ha! GREAT photo. :)

Guess I'm not the only one:) made it to couch with tea while it pours outside.

I just love her! You take such great shots! Grey skies here today too. Makes us all a little sluggish.

You get the best pictures of your pets! Mine always look up at me when I grab the camera.

Corgi gets cozy!

After an energetic couple of days, I'm feeling luh-ay-zee today.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. My excuse is that somebody has to test all these quilts I've made...

Ohhh! It's just that kind of day!
Actually, it's been 'that-kind-of-day' alot around here!

My corgi (a Pem) is just the same. It is so snowy outside that, although she loves being out in it, when she is indoors loves nothing better than to be snuggled up. In front of the fire for preference.

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