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We are utterly overwhelmed by your well-wishes: "Thank you" fails, and seems like something you should say when someone hands you a cup of coffee, not sends you a thousand little flowers from all around the world. I saw a meadow covered in blossoms that were your comments, and started weaving a daisy chain of your kind, kind words, which left us, quite honestly, in a state of humbled wonderment, and sincere gratitude. I had a good cry over it all (so much kindness, so much . . . confidence), and then, quite amazed by, you know, life in general, I sat by the window and giggled: What a wonderful, wonderful world.


I know. You guys can't do this to me while I'm trying to be at work...

think of all the little daisy chains you provide us with...

I read yesterdays post while in the carpool line waiting for my own muchkins and teared up is happiness for you! Thank you thank you dear Paulsen's for sharing your lives with others. I am so thrilled you will have a bundle of sunshine to love!!

What a wonderful thing... our eldest daughter and her husband adopted last year... they were planning on doing Foster Care with the thought that they would eventually find a sweet one to adopt. Low and behold they were blessed instead by an aquaintance that knew of someone who needed to put both their sweet ones up for adoption. They brought into their home of mom, dad, and 3 year old son a little girl of 14 months and a little boy of 2 months. They are so sweet and as if they have been in the family since day one of life! We are so greatful to have them as grandchildren... we have been blessed! Hope you will soon be too!

oh yuck. My computer accidentally attached a link! You can erase it if you like, I can't figure out how :(

Oops... well, you know I meant mom/dad not grandparents right? It's cold here in the basement... what can I say... LoL....

wonderful news! i may be there one day too.

It's a good day when you can cry and giggle, all over the same thing! I dreamed such a happy dream about your family last night, with your new little girl. I didn't want to wake up!

I read and commented on your post whilst waiting for my 9 month old baby girls to settle after waking up unhappy after being in bed for a few hours (and hoping they wouldn't wake their 3 year old brother!). It was particularly stressy sort of full-on day and your wonderful news made me cry- for my own good fortune and for the happiness coming your way. Best Wishes to you again!

Oh, what a lucky little girl!! VERY best wishes to you. xoxoxo

It most certainly is...xoxo

Kelly Grace says: February 24, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Alicia, I can't wait to meet her :)

It's wonderful, beautiful, life-changing, fantastic news! I am thrilled for you guys.

Julie G. in Iowa says: February 24, 2010 at 10:35 AM

You share so many wonderful, caring things with all of us, it's the least we can do for you.
[I did a little 'happy dance' here at work when I saw so many of us had commented, getting over that 1,000 mark.] So much love - it's reason enough to laugh and cry all at the same time!
*Love and hugs!* -Julie

Your little one will have a cozy life, indeed!! Congratulations to you, your husband and your cute doggie and kitty

Ah, well, I'm still getting teary eyed each time I think of your wonderful news. I can't imagine that there is a luckier child in the world than the child headed your way...

Love is to be celebrated! From wife to husband, from parents to child, from readers to bloggers! It makes the world go round. ;)

It IS a wonderful world. That was our song (my husband and me). We used to play it every night while waiting for our little angel to come home to us from the orphanage. We'd dance together and smile as we twirled by the photo of her we had taped up to the wall.

Enjoy those good cries, and the little giggles, too. Many more to come!

Yes, isn't it just?

Stephanie K says: February 24, 2010 at 10:41 AM

Although I do not know you personally, I find you refreshing, talented and a true couple that are really in love! You will make wonderful parents and any child will be lucky to have you in their life!! Good luck and well wishes from my family to yours!

1055 comments and you and Andy are deserving of each and everyone. I can't be the only one that shed a little tear at your happy news!

I am so very happy for you. Every child deserves to have such a warm and loving place to grow which has always shined through your blog for me. I wish you all nothing but the best!

It sure is an amazing world we live in.

With everything you give to others, you deserve this and much much more...:)


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