Decompression from an Intense Couple of Days

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I bake bread


while others wait for spring.


Julie G. in Iowa says: February 18, 2010 at 08:57 AM

Even though my cats are inside-only, they are still itching for spring too. All my windows have lots of nose prints on them! Oh, to have the windows open again...

It's still lovely at this blog!

And the lovely little birdies which come with spring?!
Perhaps I shouldn't judge your cats by the standards of mine!

I hope it's not too stressful, Alicia xxxx

I decompress by baking as well. Great for the soul, not so great for my hips!

Love the cats....we're still in the complete frozen tundra of winter here in Montana. Spring is only a distant dream.

I bake bread too! but then I fight the urge to eat it all... :)
Happy almost spring! xx

I hope jury duty isn't too stressful for you and that it will be over soon so your hands can get busy again, doing what they love!

Baking always makes me feel better - your cats are so sweet.

I love baking too. My favorite is chopping gives me time to breath and to reflect. Since I have switched to gluten-free, I haven't been baking as much though. Did just bake bagels this AM cinnamon-sugar and poppy-seed (posted some yummy pics just now) but these are going to my husband's co-workers...hope your bread came out fabulously!

The cats are being so very "catly". Mine gaze out windows frequently too. Cats and dogs live here at our house. Can't imagine one without the other.

I think I can smell the bread! I too bake when I'm stressed but I bake cookies and cakes which then leads me to stress about my thighs getting bigger!!! LOL LOL A never ending circle in my life.

Hope life brings you sunshine and calmness.


Now if only the cats would do the baking ....

i hear you and i hope all is well and rosy.

i'd love for you to visit my latest post to see how i have been decompressing.

your fan in the ocean state,

It sure feels like spring today. This mornings drive to work was beautiful. I also have a bouquet of daffodils on my table. They were picked from my yard yesterday. Flowers from the yard will always decompress me. They help with on the lips forever on the hips. Not many calories to them. Enjoy baking I can almost smell it here!

Baking and waiting for spring, two very good things.

oh spring, how we miss you!

Oh gosh we are waiting for Spring with a vengeance over here. I am signing everyone up for swim classes at the Y next week (indoor pool). I have (stupidly optimistic) hopes that this will be the summer of Mama sitting by the pool with a book and some knitting.

Rather than the usual- Mama rescuing sputtering drowning babes from malfunctioning waterwings. Either way, if it's sunny, I'll take it!

I feel like your cats.

I recently discovered the joy of baking bread. I love it. So therapeutic.

Hope you got to do some good kneading.

xoxox (big ones!)

What a cozy thought -- two cats in the window and the smell of fresh baked bread :)

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