Pink Spring

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I'm in my studio today, working on book proofs and looking at these camellias (the cultivar is 'Ave Maria') on my table. These are our yard's first blooms of the year. A sweet beginning, don't you think?

We got our apple tree over the weekend and Andy planted it on Saturday. We wound up with Cox's Orange Pippin. It will have reddish apples and pink flowers. I am very excited to have an apple tree! I think they are so beautiful in every season. Our hammock will go under the apple tree eventually. Hmm. Time to start planning a booklist. "Books to read on the hammock under the apple tree on Sunday afternoon." I'm thinking classics here. . . . Right?


Wow, what a beautiful bunch of flowers. Here in Michigan, it is snowing hard, and spring flowers seem a long ways off yet!

I'm hoping to plant some fruit trees this spring too, some sort of apple for sure and maybe some cherry and plum trees as well.

You have such a delightful blog! I found you last week and have enjoyed going back through all your posts...and I'm not done yet! The photos are gorgeous and very inspiring. What's even more inspiring is that you are reviving some of the very same arts & crafts that I enjoyed at your age, that somehow went by the wayside as the years went by. Now things such as embroidery, crocheting, knitting, baking bread have come back in style, and I'm thrilled that young women like you are enjoying them all over again!

Your plans for the apple tree sound wonderful. And to have blooms already! We are still under several inches of snow. Thanks for posting the lovely picture!
Denise in Ohio

Wow... I'm so jealous. We are coverd in snow here in PA.

Funny you mention the classics. I've been dying to read Alice in Wonderland again since the movie is coming out! Love stories with a little magic.

Ahhhh .... Spring!! Thanks for the reminder that it's coming soon!

What lovely flowers :) I'm so jealous of your "spring" (sigh) expecting 10cm of snow today :(

Those flowers are gorgeous! And I'm so jealous thinking about your hammock under that beautiful apple tree. I can imagine reading something by Jane Austen when the blossoms are in bloom... sigh...Enjoy!

Lovely camellia's! Wish I had some in front of me right now. No flowers in sight yet in my yard.

Wait... what about your reading in the hammock, under the apple tree, dress? And maybe a wrap for breezy afternoons? A book list is only the beginning... this has many dreamy possibilities...

Wuthering Heights...definitely.

Flowers! You have Flowers out... let alone blooming!!! WoW... we are still hoping for more snow! Our snow pack isn't what it needs to be for the summer...
Yes, well... maybe you should buy a hammock stand to use for just a little while... lol... but yep, apple tree's are great! My inlaws (one) apple tree gave around 18 bushels of apples this last fall... wonderful red delious apples... heavy sighhhh.
The sun is out... but it's around 28 degree's... enjoy your Spring! Oh, and do you think you could just hop on down to Eugene and take some snaps of the Roddie Gardens... I would love to see them again... but it will be a while yet... (just kidding really! I would never put you out like that!)

The best apples in the world. But I am a slightly biased UK lass x

Camellias??? I just finished reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog--have you read it yet? It made me cry at the end. And camellias loom large in the story. Camellias on moss. *sigh*

I love reading but never have really made my own list- I just reviewed two books on my blog this weekend. I'm thinking you might like The Help if you have not read it already- The other one is a harder read.

Howards End. I think that one should be first on your list. You've read it, right? Because I hadn't, and I just did, and it's just so incredibly good. Dr. Zhivago is another classic favourite of mine...

Emma! Or My Life in France! They're both delightful reads on a couch and I imagine that they'd be even more so under an apple tree on a hammock. I mean, how could they not?

It seems you must be on another planet then I to have spring and flowers already. Here in Mn we have snow, and snow and snow. Spring is weeks away, blooms even longer. Lovely to see yours and think of apple trees in bloom.

Camellias are some of my favorite flowers. I think rereading beloved books from your childhood is the way to go. Anne of Green Gables, Eight Cousins...

Oh, the creamy gorgeousness of camellias before it begins to rain again. Just lovely.

We planted three apple trees last year but didn't get any apples. Hopefully this year! I have great hopes for the Mutsu!

My dream is to have a tiny orchard, I just think they are so beautiful.

(and definitely classics for apple hammock reading, oh yes)

Even better than red apples: russets. That calls for Little Women, and if you were me, Danny, the Champion of the World.

Lucky. It's 30 degrees and snowing here.

I just love camellias. Their bright big blooms are so unsuspected in the middle of winter.

Cox's Orange apples are the BEST! I haven't seen them for sale here in Seattle yet :(

Julie G. in Iowa says: February 22, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Whoa! Wait a minute... spring has sprung somewhere? I must have missed that memo. I still have at least 2 feet of snow in my yard here in Iowa. Please, please, please [I'm beggin you] post some pictures of your yard. It will give me hope that one day my yard will be something other than white. Thanks!

I just love your frolic-ness and playfulness! Makes me want to get an apple tree and plan summer days of hammock swinging... apple gazing!

Camelias and planting apple trees seems so far away from the snowing weather outside...

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