Sunshine Day Baby Afghan

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Ta-daaaaa! The Sunshine Day Baby Afghan crochet pattern is now available in my web shop. I knew I couldn't show my face around here without it.

Oh, but I am pleased with it. It is possibly my favorite thing I've ever crocheted (don't tell the Ripple). As I was making it, it was reminding me so much of sun coming out of Oregon (read: relentless) cloudcover and of the colors of the Brady girls' bedroom that I had to name it after my favorite Brady Bunch song (and I'm sorry but how awesome is Bobby's solo in this? I dare you not to be singing it for the rest of the day [I know, you're welcome!]).

I finished the pattern last night and I must tell you — it is one chatty pattern. Possibly the most chatty-Cathy crochet pattern you've ever seen. But I wanted to make sure I told you all my secrets in making this. About how you should crochet over all of your tails so that there are very few you'll ever have to weave in. About how the hook you'll use will feel too small but that's what gives this its dense, puffy look. About how I never really intended to write a pattern when I started making this, so a lot of the yarns I used were just little pieces from my seemingly endless stash of DK- and sport-weight yarn (but I give you a big list of alternatives in current production).


The pattern is illustrated, with photos of almost every step of the granny square and the sewing together of them. So while you will need to know crochet basics to make this little blanket, if you can find someone to help you with the first square (which is really straightforward once you get the hang of it), you'll be good to go for the next 79. See the pattern page for more information on the finished size and materials needed.


As always, this pattern is a downloadable PDF, so you will need Adobe Reader to view it. It will be delivered automatically via secret download link (ooooooo!) immediately upon completion of ordering. If you don't receive it within minutes, let me know because it means one of two very simple things (either your server bounced it, which happens occasionally, or you paid by eCheck and it takes a few days to clear). But let me know and I'll help suss that out. I do not mail out hard copies, but I do urge you to print the pattern out at highest quality on your home printer, because these photos are hi-resolution and should look crystal clear.

Since this pattern is so new, please don't panic if you see something in it that doesn't look right. I am on high-alert for any errata, so please let me know immediately if you find an error, or even suspect an error. (Just leave a comment on this post and I'll get back to you.) I will post any errata on the pattern page with a date/time stamp and correct the electronic file immediately.

Oh, and the blocking tutorial? I think I'll have that all of that put together early next week, and we'll walk through every step of how I did it. (There are several ways to do it, but I'll show you how I do it.) But you've got a lot lot of crocheting to do before you get to that point, so don't worry. We'll get there.

Okay. Stopping talking now. But thank you for your interest in this! I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!

Oops: Here's the Ravelry link!



Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love it! Thanks so much. I'll be ordering it up now. :)

It is gorgeous, I am doing one at the moment using a very similar pallete, love it

It's so gorgeous! I love, love, love the colours.

I have been so eagerly waiting for this pattern! Your blanket is the most gorgeous granny square that I've ever seen, I think mostly due to the perfect color choices and how the square design look like petals. If I may, could you add this pattern to Ravelry so I can queue it, etc? Thanks!

So pretty! Almost makes me wish I could crochet...though my first attempts as a child were so dramatically bad (as in, wadding it all in a ball and throwing it across the room in hysterics) that I dare not try again. I'll just crochet vicariously through you!

Yippppppeeeeee just ordered the pattern. Thanks so much, can't wait to start it. Such a beautiful design. It will keep me warm in chilly England!

Best Wishes

Zoe x

Susie Sears Taylor says: February 04, 2010 at 10:56 AM

I would never have put gray in a baby afghan but it looks great! One comment from Amy K said she didn't learn to crochet as a child, she needs to get a children's book that has BIG illustrations, a hook and a ball of yarn and just start in. It takes a while. The secret is to find the tension in the hand that is holding the yarn. I worked at it till that happened and by that time the yarn was nearly all fuzz from raveling it out and trying again. Can't knitt because of arthritis but I can crochet - hooray.

Thank you so much--now I can stop holding my breath! ;) I love crochet and I can hardly wait to get started.


that is one great granny! it truly does look like sunshine peeking through the clouds! The colours are perfect - timeless!

So cute and cheery! Hmmm... modeled on a crib. Any other big news to share? :-)

This is taking my breath away, making my fingers tremble as I type, making me want another baby, making me wish we truly *were* sisters...

So, sooo utterly darling and gorgeous, Alicia! So very *fetch-the-smelling-salts* swoon worthy.

I love! Absolutely gorgeous!

The perfect excuse to learn to crochet I think! (Like I need another hobby...) But I'm sold, it's absolutely beautiful!

Alicia, It's WONDERFUL!!!

How beautiful. I actually have the brady bunch CD. I grew up watching the show and love the quirky music.

Adorable! I love the random placing of the darker-border squares. Very carefully-considered randomness, I should think!

And learn to crochet is bumped up the list again! It's beautiful Alicia just like your smocking. Lovely things.

I am so excited I don't even know what to say... The afghan is of course stunning, I already knew that, but having an actual pattern... ooooh... I'm headed over to the store right this minute.

Yay - this is so lovely. I can't wait to set started :)

Love it! I think I will have to get a ball of yarn and practice making these squares first then I can get the beautiful, gorgeous, colored yarn. Would this be a good idea to do first? Also, what is blocking? I have no idea.....

I've been following along and just ordered/received my pattern. I'm a VERY novice crocheter, but one has to start somewhere and where better to begin than with this lovely blanket (and my how-to crochet dvd)! Now it's off to check my stash (I'm a knitter so I do have yarn). Thanks again for writing the pattern.

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