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Thank you very sincerely for all of your comments on yesterday's post — I am so grateful for your generosity here, honestly. It really touches me. Thank you. I am on jury duty this week — and no knitting needles allowed in the courthouse!!! Oh the irony — hours and hours to sit and wait, and not one stitch of knitting allowed. So wrong!!!


Back soon!


oh dear - well, hopefully there will be a man that pulls a pineapple out of a briefcase to help the time pass!? sorry - that only makes sense if you've seen Sex and the City! all the best to you!

Very :-( !!

I find I concentrate better when I'm knitting too. You poor thing!

Oh, the injustice :)
Seriously, are they afraid you'll use them as weapons? Or knit a secret message into the border?

lol, I'm on Jury Duty this week too. So far I've spent 10 hours sitting at the courthouse and still haven't even been picked. No knitting needles allowed here in NC either. At least I'm reading some books I've been wanting to get to.

Goodness, I guess they want to be sure you're listening. Well I listen better when my hands are doing something.

Oh Alicia...I'm a I understand jury duty. Good luck and let us know how it went!!

Oh, DEAR! You poor girl! Well, maybe the case will be interesting? All the best to you!

What about pencils - you could knit on pencils or pens...just thinking

I was there just a couple of months ago. It was so frustrating. I actually sat on a case for about 10 days. Think of all that lost knitting time!!! Best to you, it is a very interesting process.

No knitting? Darn. Ummm... How about crochet? Hand sewing?

i completely enjoyed reading through your blog tonight. I smiled everytime I saw a picture of your dog. Kids and husband are sound asleep and I'm enjoying this time alone. Your blog made staying up late worth while. :)

Crochet hooks seem less dangerous? Maybe they'd allow those? Maybe you could make friendship bracelets with embroidery floss? ;)

I got half of a sock done when I waiting to see if I would get selected...they must be more lenient here in WA.

Glad to hear that a thoughtful, savvy citizen like yourself is doing jury duty. Too many qualified people do everything they can to avoid their amazing right as an American to assist in a trial by a jury of peers. I hope your week is interesting and gratifying.

I emailed you a 'thanks' a couple years back for your blog and giving me something pleasant to read while I struggled through my first year of law school. And now you're on jury duty the week before I take the bar exam. This must be a good sign!
- J

Oh noes! I was watching an old episode of CSI the other day with a jury member knitting away and I thought - hmmm how do I put my name down for jury duty - now reversing that wishing!

What about crochet hooks? They're not pointy afterall...

Is it legal to bar knitting?!

Having injured myself with knitting needles, I can totally see the Court House's perspective on this. Heh.

Good luck, chica! And if you get out soon, it's supposed to be nearly 70 degrees on the central coast on Thursday. Oh. My.

I've thought that knitting needles wouldn't be allowed on an airplane, but apparently bamboo needles are allowed (at least here in Europe). So if they're thinking you might use them as weapons, would bamboo needles be alright? Just a thought... Sitting idle for hours that would be a nightmare for me personally!

That sounds horrendous! I assume it's a safety thing - wonder if they'd object to a plastic crochet hook?

That's so odd! I'm in NYC, and had jury duty selection last week, and knit the whole time. I was there three days and never made it inside the courtroom, but no one said a word except "what are you making?"

That was a very beautiful story you posted! It's awful that you can't knit on jury duty. Do you know the great opening scene in the movie Murder Most Foul in which Miss Marple (the wonderful Margaret Rutherford)is knitting in the courtroom?

I've knit, done needlepoint, sketched, read a book and just recently read a book on my kindle. This was done while waiting to be selected. Each time that I have been selected to be on the jury I (and other juty members) have been taken to a jury room to wait and then when the bailiff returns he tells us they have settled. Times have changed and I know that knitting isn't allowed on airplanes.

Folks, can't you use your trusty crochet hook to pass away time while you're waiting in the wings?

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