The Clearing

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I've been very shy about actually saying it out loud, but now that we've officially completed the paperwork, and done the home-study, and met all of the other requirements, I think I can tell you: Andy and I are hoping to adopt a baby girl. To say we are excited doesn't really even begin to describe our feelings; for once I am pretty much speechless. We have wanted to be parents for . . . ever. Our road to parenthood has been filled with puzzling twists, unmarked trails, and lost breadcrumbs. But it has led us here, to this bright clearing that, in its own strange, special way, feels like somewhere we were always meant to come.

Somewhere else, someone is traveling her own winding path toward us, I know. We wish her safe journey, and wait (on our little patch of meadow) to see her through the trees.


May I jump out of lurking mode to say congratulations, how exciting!

Nursery looks adorable btw, loving the granny squares.

Starry xx

Oh, wow! Awesome!

The nursery is adorable. I'm sending good vibes your way; you will be wonderful parents!

What wonderful parents you will be for a very fortunate little girl. My heartfelt good wishes to you all.

Bless you both. I hope it happens very, very soon.

oh my, congrats! that baby is very lucky to have you guys as parents.

alicia, i gasped out loud at this wonderful news!! i have always hoped that you would become a parent. i'm so happy for you, and so excited to see all those baby girl projects!

Congratulations, and I wish you both all the luck in the world. My family is largely adopted and there is no bigger love. I hope your wait is brief!!

I am so excited for your family! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Your baby daughter will have the most beautiful crafted clothes, and blankets, and toys.... And the most loving parents, of course!

I, too, am a long-time reader, wanting to pass on my heartfelt *love* and *best wishes* for you and Andy and Clover and baby girl. What news. I was so hoping that gorgeous afghan was meant for someone special...
(Tears for you this morning. Happy ones.)

What a lucky little girl! She will have such creative and loving parents...and that gorgeous crochet blanket(!!). I hope that your little one will join your family soon. Congratulations.

Ahhhh! This post made me smile and made my heart sing. In a strange way (since I don't know you), I have been waiting for it. Many congratulations to you and Andy, and may the remainder of your path toward parenthood be bright and smooth.

Congratulations! That's awesome news! Something tells me we may be looking into it in the next few months as well!

huge congratulations... what an exciting time.

Congratulations Alicia!! You will both make wonderful parents Im sure.

Congratulations! Children are a blessing to behold.

Alicia, you are going to be the most wonderfully tender mother. Funny and witty and kind. That sweet little baby girl will be so lucky to have the both of you for parents.

Hooray!!! Congratulations!! We are waiting for a referral as well and though it will be a very long wait, it is so exciting!!
Adoption is a beautiful way to create a family. :)

:) :)!!!!!!

What wonderful news. Blessings on all three of you. And might I add, what a delightfully cozy space you've made for her.

Congratulations to all of you in your little family, however that may look in a little while. How wonderful!!!

how dorky is it that i teared up for someone i have not actually met. very, i think. i feel like i know you through your blog, though. best wishes in the journey. here's to what will surely be the best dressed-and-blanketed child.

How exciting! I hope the process goes quickly for you. What a lovely little nursery.

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