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Things that happened today:

When I went to the post office, there was no one in line and I walked right up and mailed my package and I did not recognize the emotion I was experiencing in that moment. (Almost unprecedented.)

When I walked back outside (one minute later), I sneezed because the sun was so bright. And it's February 5th. In Portland, Oregon. And the sun was so bright. On February 5. In Portland. Oregon. (Unprecedented.)

I put together a loaf of oatmeal bread (Martha in Mobile's, in the comments there, and I think YMMV means "Your mixer may vary," but that's just a guess — Martha?) and remembered to add every single ingredient before the dough was completely kneaded. (50/50.)

I put the fabric through the pleater and I was not nervous at all. (Unprecedented.)

I was so flattered and grateful for all of your generous words about and orders for Little Miss Sunshine Day!!! Thank you!!! (Wonderfully precedented. I love you. Thank you thank you.)

I planned to do absolutely nothing over the weekend, and couldn't be happier about that. (Feels like the very first time.)


It is oddly spring here, too - sun, big clouds, the smell of grass and blossoms. This can only mean a big storm is coming soon! That's ok, I like the mix-up!

Um... it's a huge weekend. We're watching the superbowl!!

Man, what a great day!

(I'm on round 4 of my first sunburst granny, LOVING it, even though I didn't have the right size hook and had to go down 0.5mm).

Like I said. . . .

(Just kidding. Kinda.)

Life can be so grand...

Oh Alicia! God is just smiling down on you! ;o) And don't ya just LOVE what we affectionately call "No-plans weekends"!! I see a lovely fire, cuppa, and perhaps some hand-sewing in my immediate future! Hope yours is as perfect too! Oh, and Andy, go Colts!

Well, goodness. It sounds like today was doing "enough" for a week! Sit back and enjoy it. (And I assume there'll be needlework during the game??) You'll be happy to know that though I totally freaked out as 5-year-old trying to crochet, I am able to knit. Somehow, two needles were better than a hook.

Sounds like a great day, though I can't imagine what it's like to walk in and out of a Post Office that quickly.

vickiemarie says: February 05, 2010 at 07:47 PM

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Enjoy your weekend!

It felt like spring here (Colorado)
too. Tomorrow and Sunday snow is
in the forecast.

You deserve a weekend of nothing to
do, then . . . . get our next project

Thanks :-)

Sounds perfect! I hope you enjoy your quiet weekend x

i had day like that, yesterday, too, and i think it's all due to the sunshine! our bodies are just not used to dealing with actual proper daylight, after the winter, so we get giddy and happy! i'm so glad spring is coming...

Hello, I was just reading through a bunch of your older posts and was struck by how beautifully you write. I loved that you wrote you had russian fairy tales when you were little so you had been there before. So lovely, I had to tell you how I appreciated it... unprecidented;)

Aha! Now I know that no matter where in the world you are, you always have to queue at the post office!

I am off to the post office where I doubt I will be so lucky as to find no line; however I am picking up my new mixer. I am so excited to make the oatmeal bread later today. I have never had one and always made bread by hand so that will be unprecidented for me! I love weekends with no plans, but I am a bit of a hermit.

Oh yeah! A weekend of nothing for you means a fun new project and pictures come Monday for me!

I know this sounds strange but I am so glad you commented on sneezing because the sun was so bright. My husband can't imagine the sun making me sneeze. Thank you fellow sun sneezer!!

Somehow the concept of you doing "nothing" sounds like a contradiction in terms (pot calling kettle black). Grandma told me "busy hands are happy hands," and I think someone must have told you that, too, early on.

I wish you a splendid weekend; I will be the only American not watching the Super Bowl (don't tell Andy) but I did buy some avocados to make myself guacamole, which is sort of the same thing as watching the Super Bowl (or at least the best part, right?).

BTW, Like you and Rose R, I sneeze in the sunshine, too.

wasnt the sun here remarkable.... we were outside without jackets and had me wondering where my sandals were....
sneezing in the sun, we call "solar sneezes"

Just so you can feel even more elated. . . it's rainy and cloudy here in so. cal. and my roof is leaking. Enjoy your week end!

The sun yesterday in Portland was wonderful! Sat on the back porch with the dogs perusing knitting and sewing books from the library! Just a little bit of heaven in early February! Enjoy your weekend....

Sorry - did I miss it? Or did you tell us where you got that fabulous blocking board? I really, really need a good one.
Thanks if you will share - sorry if I'm making you repeat yourself.

There have been a lot of questions about this but it will be easier for me to put all the info about the blocking board, blocking, pins, etc., in the post about blocking that Ill be writing sometime this week, so stay tuned :-)

Glad u had a great day! I loved your photo, all that blue and turqoise...the basket with the lovely! Your comment section was fun to read. Loved seeing how Andy was including his two cents in it...and your reply back. You two are a cute couple! Enjoy...:)

I am so happy I bought your new pattern! I am really new to crochet a appreciate all your tips and tricks. Can't wait to get hookin'!

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