Today: Not Smocking, but Blocking

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Yay! The blocking board arrived yesterday, so I'm blocking the gray grannies. (I'm not felting them, but they just got sprayed with water so they are looking all frowsy and dandelion-headed in the photo.) Stay tuned! The board is rad, man.

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the smocking!!! You guys are SO DANG NICE. Made my day, and I needed that. Thank you! 


Whoa! Did you felt those squares? Can't wait to see...

Well, I know as little about blocking as I do about smocking so I'll look forward to the enlightenment.

I love the colors you chose for your afghan. My mom did one once, with jewel tones and a gray background. It reminds me a little of hers.

So excited to see your blanket!! Like, inordinately excited. (Whatever happened to your green granny blanket, btw?)

Can't wait to see the blanket! Would love more info on your pattern and the blocking board! Looks great so far...


That sure looks like a warm one to snuggle under.... ; )

miss a -
i continue to be amazed by your abilities, great ones all. this particular project reminds me, so very much, of the wonderful sweater that fannie wore in Bright Star (out in video and i bought it, yaaaay!) are incredible, walter and i both think so - xo

Can't wait to see it in all it's glory. I just started crocheting last week and I'm totally obsessed! I'm working on the Claudia/Raspberry Meringue scarf you showed a little while ago right now!

I love the puff!!

I CAN'T wait to see this beauty. I've been biting my nails since you first posted those "creeper" pictures.

Oh I can't wait to see the finished thing, looks like it's going to be amazing!

I am totally jumping up and down in bed i cannot wait for this pattern... it will look lovely in my new apartment and cannot wait to get started.

A blocking board?? Momma needs one for her thread crocheting....where did you get it? And how big is it?

you really should be getting sales commission on all the things that you tell us about... because everything becomes a "need" and i'm sure sales go up!

Love it! Can't wait to get the info on the board.

I just want to let you know that I signed up for a crocheting class at my local library and it starts tonight! The whole reason I even signed up was so I can make this afghan! I can't wait to learn how . . .

blocking board- that's on the list too.
looking forward to seeing it

I think these are my very favorite Granny Squares EVER I mean EVER EVER EVER! I must have this pattern. I am still pretty neew to crochet (so if this is something simple I just dont know it! but I can definitly make some squares ...please share!!!

Gorgeous grannies! I can't wait for the full reveal! Please share pattern details... =)

The title of this made me laugh and think of an old song, "Bill Grogan's goat (not his chicken but his goat) was feeling fine (not bad but fine)..." The squares look great!

Squee! I'm soooo very excited about this pattern. My computer wallpaper at work is the lovely pic of your puppers and this blanket in progress. I've already started picking out the yarn I'm going to use for my own blanket...just as soon as you share the pattern :-)

Yay!!! I'm looking forward to the post on how to. Thanks~

manohman, you are one gifted chick! the smocking was so gorgeous - it looked completely professional. and now the afghan - holy moley. so here i am, old, wondering if i can possibly learn everything you've already accomplished. i can't wait to read your posting daily. thanks for sharing the wealth.

This is sooo much my favorite blog. Thanks for sharing your creativity...and can I also say thank you for not having advertising on your site. Now, if you decide that is something you are going to do I am still going to read it...but it just seems so impersonal so to be reading a blog (that I believe is a personal thing) and then SMACK an ad...disconcerting. Thanks again!

Thank you for the Queen Anne's lace pattern. I embroidered it on a tote-bag for a last minute gift. It was a hit. Looking forward to your new book.

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