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My office is a disaster. The past few months have taken their toll, both on my energy levels and my room. It's so dark in there right now there's no light for a picture. I know that I should spend the day cleaning and reorganizing it. I just never feel like doing it. I keep thinking one day I'll wake up and "feel" like doing it. But I don't. I love this fabric, though. I got it at Superbuzzy. Not sure what I will do with it. For now it's enough just to look at it. But if I cleaned up my studio I might uncover inspiration. That might be motivating. Or not.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was hired to dog-sit someone's greyhound. The dog's owner owned a big magazine with pink lighting. The office was in Brooklyn, New York, a place I've never been. Somehow I knew it was "Brooklyn." I was overwhelmed by a desire to live there, which is something that always happens to me when I travel. It felt like a movie set β€”or rather, like I was in a diorama of Brooklyn. Everything was quaint and old-fashioned, with old-fashioned painted signs on all the buildings, and little bonfires down little alleys. Every street I looked down was more story-bookish than the last. I had to sleep over in the office β€” that was where everyone lived. I woke up late and was wearing my nightgown to work and was very embarrassed. I saw a girl that my sisters and I grew up with. Her name was Anne and her sister's name was Sarah β€” they were both there but they acted like they didn't know me. My new boss didn't seem to notice that I was wearing a calico nightgown. We were all sitting outside on a brick wall at night. I wasn't sure where the greyhound was but no one seemed too worried about it.

Man that was weird. I haven't had a dream that vivid in a long, long time. Not that I think you care, but I just felt compelled to write it down for some reason.


That rivals some of the dreams I had when I was pregnant. Too funny. Superbuzzy has some really beautiful fabrics. I haven't browsed over there in quite a while.

Isn't the brain just so creative when it is let loose by sleep.The action can be so entertaining, realer than real life.You are just left wondering "where did that come from" wont' tell.

What a super detailed and not scary dream! I dream like that too, but not often enough. I amaze my husband when I recount an epoch to him, and love knowing I have such a super unconscious life. I think it says something about our artistic souls, really I do. Nightgown and all, although that does put you in a bit of a vulnerable position. happy dreams!

I wish the part of Brooklyn I live in was the way you describe it--you just have a way of making whatever you write about sound so lovely! (I grew up with sisters named Anne and Sarah , too.)

wow! I think I know what that dream means.... I think seeing bonfires signifies a desire to clean a studio??!! -haha just kidding! I have no idea what it means - but it was crazy cool! oh that brain!

I love dreams like that. especially when they stick with you like a perfectly simple sunny summer day memory, all vivid and warming. Thanks for sharing.

I always dream I'm in high school
in pj's or worse but anyway not
appropriately dressed.I completely
zone out going to a class for weeks
and don't know how I know that I
missed a class at all let alone for

All I know about dreams is that we
are the maker of those dreams and
we control them.

WHAT were you snacking on before bed? Chocolate does it to me everytime!

Don't you just love the way dreams mix up the contents of your memory? Btw, that fabric in the picture is totally adorable!

I love having crazy dreams like that. I always feel like I just returned from a trip when I wake up, and most of the time want to go back and visit. That fabric is too cute :)

OK, so I am Sarah and my sister's name is Anne. Did we grow up together? Weird...

Now I have to head over to Superbuzzy...I should be cleaning up my kitchen, but I'd rather shop for fabric.

With the prospect that you WILL share a weird dream or pretty fabric or an office mess, I come back here again and again. And I am always amused, heartened and happy.
Happy Valentine's Day Alicia.
You are a kindred spirit.

That's a pretty fabric...and a pretty weird dream. I've never experienced a dream as vivid as that that I can remember. Must be because when God showered artistic talent, I was asleep. Teehee.

Interesting dream! I usually have schoolmares where I can't find the yarn duty chart, or the supply room, and a class full of seven year olds is sitting looking at me waiting for a lesson which doesn't exist. :/ Arghh!!! If the background of that fabric were blue, it would make amazing placemats for my kitchen. :) Love the design on it. I must look at superbuzzy. I haven't been there in ages!! Happy dreams tonight, only happy ones.

True! It does sound like those pregnancy dreams. What's up with that?

I love the fabric, too. Some are just too pretty to cut into.

Thanks for sharing. You have such an amazing way of telling stories. Love it

Oh, I feel relieved to know someone else has that dream. I think it's my recurring nightmare. And I haven't gone to the class in weeks, or the whole year and now it's time to graduate and I don't know how I'm going to pull it off. I am often times wearing only a towel, and I'm straight out of the shower with wet hair. And I can never remember my locker com. either. AAaaarrrgh!!!

I love vivid dreams. And have been having a lot of them lately. Most dreams pertain to parts of ourself. So if we follow that, you might say there is a part of yourself that wants to move to a new area, (not necessarily a geographic move). It is familiar but different, there are parts that want to show up but feel embarrassed. This part is familiar but you ignore it. It has put you in a position where you feel left out and sitting on a "hard place". It may be that it will be no big deal, and once you do it you may say, what was I worried about?
Or none of that could be true, just a thought.

Just found your beautiful blog and love it!
Greetings from Italy,

At least you had your nightgown on and weren't sitting there in your underwear or less. I have had those dreams, but again no one seems to notice but me.

I LOVE that fabric! Simply fabulous!

Thank you for yesterday's blocking tutorial. I just finished a scarf that could use your tips.

I invite you to enter my Valentine giveaway. You could win a pink, bead-knitted purse, hand-knit by me, with a chocolate bar charm.


i love that you wrote your name on your scissors...


eta: much sweeter than what i wrote on my fabric scissors in all caps: do not touch!

i suspect they *have* been touched, btw.

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