Little Patches

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You come into the room with a blueberry muffin in your hand, and you see that bitty quilt squares have been laid out on the blocking board, and Clover Mushmelon Pinkytoes Paulson (who loves the big version of the quilt with an enthusiasm that can safely be described as obsessive, and who loves to put her little chin on whatever it is that she loves) loves it already. Mwah, Puppynose! Kiss hug kiss.

But then you back up just a bit, and you see who is making the quilt.

















which is the bitty version of the one you made for him way back when so that he might ever so possibly (pleeeeease?) fall in love with you, back when you were just a wee young lass yourself, some seventeen years ago now







and your heart explodes into a thousand miniature butterscotch sundaes. And strawberries. And yellow violets. And covered wagons. Because honestly. That's how it feels sometimes, hanging around these two.


too sweet...!

Yep. Feeling like crying. Beautiful images. Beautiful words.

toooo lovely. it's those things that make the world go around:) so glad you two have it and lucky the babe who joins you:)

This is why I love your blog! You make me giggle and now... I'm happy!


This is by far the best post I've read this week. So adorable! I think I'd die of shock if BF even knew how to turn on my sewing machine. Have a lovely weekend,

Nerys x

so loving and sweet. this made my morning happy, especially since i'm writing right now about people who aren't very nice....thanks for the lovely pictures and stories...

So very precious! Thanks for sharing and thanks Mr. for being okay with it.

Janet Caldwell says: March 05, 2010 at 07:38 AM

You just made my day. I want to read this over and over:

"And your heart explodes into a thousand minature butterscotch sundaes. And rainbows. And yellow violets. And covered wagons. Because honestly. That's how it feels sometimes, hanging around these two."

Tears sprang to my eyes.

This is the best thing on the entire internet. Love it.

Pure sweetness!

You two have a wonderful love story going on. Now he is wooing you with a quilt, knowing how much it must touch your heart. That's love.

Aww...there's a special sweet something of a love between a daddy and his little girl. How lovely that you get to see that grow.

oh you folks are so beautiful!

My father has made some quilts, and don't tell my mom, but he makes the best bread of all. :)

Yes! Just think, now he can sew on your projects, when you're too tired! (TEASING!) My hubby made a little patchwork baby blanket for our last baby. Now she's 15 years old, (and he's 50!), and the blankie is priceless.
Keep having fun and the days will fly by.

Thank you for the beautiful words and pictures that made my morning blossom!

Dude. You're killing me. *swoon*

you know the squeal that Leisl makes after Rolf kisses her in the Sound of Music? Yup, I just let out that same squeal!

oh! wow.

Oh my goodness you made me cry! So sweet and lovely.

Aww! That's so sweet!

seriously, you are on a streak. love it. sigh.

I literally just sqeauled with joy. I don't even know you andy paulson but that's awesome.

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