Little Patches

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You come into the room with a blueberry muffin in your hand, and you see that bitty quilt squares have been laid out on the blocking board, and Clover Mushmelon Pinkytoes Paulson (who loves the big version of the quilt with an enthusiasm that can safely be described as obsessive, and who loves to put her little chin on whatever it is that she loves) loves it already. Mwah, Puppynose! Kiss hug kiss.

But then you back up just a bit, and you see who is making the quilt.

















which is the bitty version of the one you made for him way back when so that he might ever so possibly (pleeeeease?) fall in love with you, back when you were just a wee young lass yourself, some seventeen years ago now







and your heart explodes into a thousand miniature butterscotch sundaes. And strawberries. And yellow violets. And covered wagons. Because honestly. That's how it feels sometimes, hanging around these two.


Oh my, I just took a bit of time to read back...and realized you're planning on adopting! How wonderfully heartwarming is that! The nursery-to-be looks so cozy, and filled with both, be it because you're lucky, blessed, or just out and out deserving, it will indeed be a journey like no other. My wishes are sincere and heartfelt that the winding road you are traveling will lead you to your little one. Both you and Andy are such sharing, caring and loving individual. How glorious that you will share all of this with your new little being. My thoughts are with you as you wait...

Oh my word! What a great afternoon, you won't soon forget :)

Two letters and punctuation.


OK, I do not plan to have children, and this post and photo made me choke up. Your baby girl has no idea what a special daddy she is about to receive. Absolutely adorable!

So sweet.... what a wonderful man. I'm all teared up at the pictures.

How wonderful. I think you should call the quilt Love Patches.

Andy, YOU ROCK!! I loved this post and photos. Can't wait to see this new work of art!

so beautiful. you are blessed and i am glad that you have been.

sigh :)

Oh, God. GAH.

Alicia, I hope you know what a blessed woman you are.

I cried when you told us of your plans, and now I'm crying again. You are a blessing to all of us, the readers, and now you are going to be blessed in return, I KNOW it!

Ahh! That last paragraph is so great!

This is so cool. Would never happen to me, but then, I was not expecting it either :)

I showed this to my 2 younger boys whom I am teaching to quilt. (You can see one of them somewhere on my blog.) Awesome!

beth from kansas says: March 26, 2010 at 11:06 AM

OMG. I was reading from the top down and thought, "he IS a sweetie, making a miniature quilt" and then I read down and now I know why and WOW! Copious weeping! Tears of joy!

Wow, that brought tears to my eyes and softeed a heart that has been too bitter lately. Isnt it amazing that by sharing a moment in your life you've enriched mine immensely. Thankyou!

Aaaaah this is lovely. Crying! Happy tears. You are such a lovely family.

I think I just might be in love with your sweetheart little dog and your husband....bless them both! A xx

Hi Alicia,

Clover Meadow and Audrey were Dogs of the Day on The Daily Corgi last year:

I'm writing today because the "casting call" for Corgi photos to fill the first ever Daily Corgi Calendar (2011) has gone "live""

... and I'd love to see your Corgis in it!

Drop a line if you're interested, thanks.

How adorable... You're blessed! Muriel

Oh, how I love your blog, and seeing Clover. Mwah to all of you!

All I can say is

this is really, really infinitely sweeett!

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