Little Patches

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You come into the room with a blueberry muffin in your hand, and you see that bitty quilt squares have been laid out on the blocking board, and Clover Mushmelon Pinkytoes Paulson (who loves the big version of the quilt with an enthusiasm that can safely be described as obsessive, and who loves to put her little chin on whatever it is that she loves) loves it already. Mwah, Puppynose! Kiss hug kiss.

But then you back up just a bit, and you see who is making the quilt.

















which is the bitty version of the one you made for him way back when so that he might ever so possibly (pleeeeease?) fall in love with you, back when you were just a wee young lass yourself, some seventeen years ago now







and your heart explodes into a thousand miniature butterscotch sundaes. And strawberries. And yellow violets. And covered wagons. Because honestly. That's how it feels sometimes, hanging around these two.


Alright, I'm impressed. Very few men could make quilting look so hot.

Laura Zamore says: March 06, 2010 at 01:59 PM

Your blog always puts a smile on my face!

Would you consider trading dogs with me? ;-) I have a Yorkie, and her nickname is "Satan McNaughty Pants." When I lay quilt pieces out on the floor, she likes to run up to them and then slam on the brakes so that she slides through them and they go flying everywhere, or else she lays down in the middle of everything, totally in the way. She has other traits that make up for it, but she is just NOT a crafter or sewist.

There are things that we "catch" our significant others doing that lets us know we found someone really special to love. This is one of those.

WOW, that's sweet. I've been catching up on your blog and want you to know that we're praying for a little girl to come into your home.

Your blog and book have been such sweet inspirations to me and I wish I could do more than just pray for you but I will because it's all I know to do considering I'm a complete stranger that lives almost across the entire country.

In all honesty though, my husband works crazy long hours and at the end of a long day...I fall asleep flipping through and reading your book and when hubs comes home he peels it out of my sleeping hands and onto the night stand. I dream of making the things you do.

P.S. You will make a great mom!!!

Stacey Fisch says: March 06, 2010 at 05:33 PM

I love that he's sewing with his hat on! what a great picture!

This is the absolute sweetest thing ever!

Oh! Just a teensy bit needing a cuddle of him myself! Those two, working on a project together, how special.

How adorable, is he looking forward to bringing a bit of Dadness to this or what? and when in Rome.....

I've got one, too!

Butterscotch sundaes, indeed!



Awww... is the best thing that comes to mind after reading your post :-)

Those two are definite keepers. You're a lucky girl, Alicia ;-)

Aw. And what a great description, a heartful of buttterscotch sundaes.

Jeez. I have a 14 year old daughter you can borrow. For practice. :)

Oh my - this is what it's all about ...

Hold it close....its a

You forgot the unicorns and singing rainbows. Hearts exploding over here.

If I were you, that middle picture is the one that I would make 50 copies of. I'd keep one in my wallet and next to bed and tucked into the corner of the bathroom mirror and in my coat pocket and inside the kitchen cabinet near the flour and sugar and in a plastic frame on my keyring and on and on and on...

That picture is pure love. Lucky girl!

OMG! I LOVE that Andy Paulson!

i guess i was expecting to see b, the cat, when we "backed up." like others here, tears and smiles came at the same time. and then the way clover looked up at him.......oh, andy!

Very, very cool!!!

Oh, a heart squeeze!! My hubby can work our machine, while I'm still intimidated by it - I love to watch him sew. But I'm afraid our dogs are not so genteel as Clover and would have scattered the squares to the four winds. :-)

That is beautiful. There's something extremely sexy about a guy sitting at a sewing machine in a baseball cap. You're a very lucky girl. :)

Such a lovely image of love. The preparations that go into the arrival of a child cannot be measured -- truly it is priceless! My husband, many years ago when our children were small, fashioned a heart out of metal with his welder & other assorted tools. I still have it as a reminder that in the rough times love perseveres. God bless you in this special journey!

O.K. now with all the comments that you have gotten from this post... I can't possibly say anything you haven't already heard! Just know... that you "3" are loved!
Keep up the good work!

How very touching.

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