Little Patches

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You come into the room with a blueberry muffin in your hand, and you see that bitty quilt squares have been laid out on the blocking board, and Clover Mushmelon Pinkytoes Paulson (who loves the big version of the quilt with an enthusiasm that can safely be described as obsessive, and who loves to put her little chin on whatever it is that she loves) loves it already. Mwah, Puppynose! Kiss hug kiss.

But then you back up just a bit, and you see who is making the quilt.

















which is the bitty version of the one you made for him way back when so that he might ever so possibly (pleeeeease?) fall in love with you, back when you were just a wee young lass yourself, some seventeen years ago now







and your heart explodes into a thousand miniature butterscotch sundaes. And strawberries. And yellow violets. And covered wagons. Because honestly. That's how it feels sometimes, hanging around these two.


I'm a french woman and I would like to say to you ! I love your book ! Many thanks ! I'll put on my blog an idea with one of your idea !
Many many thanks !

Susan, Tsawwassen BC Canada says: March 07, 2010 at 03:20 PM

That brought happy tears to my eyes. That's exactly how I feel about my husband of 21 years. I LOVE how you put it in words. You and your family have such a special place in my heart.

excuse me if this in inappropriate but i never knew a man at a sewing machine could look so damn sexy (no worries, i have one of my own...but damn).

betcha' it is for the wee one which then just makes it heart melting.

Having two Corgis myself, a Pem and Cardi, I had to laugh when seeing Miss Clover Meadow resting her chin on the quilt. Whenever I put something on the floor and I'm paying alot of attention to it, like say roadmaps when planning a trip, my Pem has to literally lay down on the map. Right on it! It like "Um, pay attention to me?! I am the center of your universe, thank you. ". lol!

Lovely post Alicia. : )

Christine says: March 07, 2010 at 04:22 PM

Precious beyond words.

Oh my word. How positively precious. Funny, I just posted about some creativity MY hubby did!
(PS. Did I ever tell you that we were married 16 years before we found out we were having a baby?)

teensleuth says: March 07, 2010 at 05:20 PM

Has Andy quilted before? The best! I love when they make things, the menfolks. I came home from a weekend away and Conrad had recorded his own rendition of a Gillian Welch song for me. Le sigh. You got some lovemuffin, there Alicia.

Aw! I love a man that sews or knits. :)

So beautiful!

My sweetie will help me quilt, but I don't see him tackling one himself yet. But that's ok. I like the company. :)

That is so sweet. You are so very lucky!

your post was so special!

I was laughing and crying at the same time. Such an inspirational post.

A beautiful doggie dog and a wonderful husband it seems... What else can one say? Lovely scene indeed!
Have a nice day!

A beautiful post. A beautiful post.

There is so much love in your house. You are truly blessed and know it. Blessings, Janet

That is possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Where can I find a husband like that (and a dog!)? Happy times indeed.

How incredibly sweet this morning. Thanks for this!

So stinking sweet. I can't imagine how great that would be.

That quite possibly is the sweetest thing ever. You are blessed.

Keep him. Wow.

That is the sweetest thing I have seen today. You have a beautiful family!

Someday I hope I can be as happy as you two seem.... I want all these things so badly, and it is taking them forever to get here.

My heart exploded a little just reading that. What a beautiful post!

Ypur blog is great!

I definitely just got the warm fuzzies.
So sweet.

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