Joanna Newsom

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Joanna Newsom

Jeanne-marie and I both heard the same story on NPR yesterday (cool, since I'm in Portland and she's in Chicago) about Joanna Newsom's new album, so we've been listening to her music all morning (and firing off emails that basically say, "Wow, listen to this!" and "Wow, listen to this!" and "Wow, listen to that!"). I'm not sure if anyone mentioned her in the comments the other day because I haven't gotten through all of the suggestions, but all I can say is: Wow.


Oh yeah, we love Joanna Newsom - just bought her album on record this week, and the packaging is fantastic. One of the reasons I love buying stuff on record, not only do you get music, but you get a tangible piece of art as well (at least in some cases).

I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole new album all the way through (it's 3 discs!), but about the first half of it sounds really good.

Have you ever heard of My Brightest Diamond?

She is amazing, isn't she?

She is great. Have you heard Jeska Hoop and Laura Marling, they are also great singers with unique vocal styles.

Just been catching up .
And what a lot to catch up on ! That's lovely news about the adoption !!!!!!
All the little dresses are beautiful , and she's going to be the best dressed little girl in town .
And the luckiest ..... you both have so much to teach her and to share with her .

I just heard about her a couple of weeks ago when she was on Jimmy Fallon. Amazing!

oooh, definitely listen to her first album first -- the milk-eyed mender! it's just as clever & disarming as her more recent albums but a million times more tender and touching. maybe it's because that first album was just SO GOOD nothing has lived up to it for me.

this video sums up everything. it's just PERFECT.

I did! All of her songs are wonderful, but 'The Milk-Eyed Mender' is my literally makes me weep, it's so good.

I almost bought her album "Ys", but somehow didn't get around to it. And I just found out she's my age! Listening to her again now I think I'll finally go get myself one of her cds. :) Beautiful!

If you like Joanna Newsom, you should check out another musician they recently featured on NPR: Olof Arnalds

I bought the album after listening to those few clips. It's so, so sweet and simple.

I'm totally digging her new album. And the artwork/package is spectacular.

Wow - I thought you'd sewn a dress for Joanna Newsom. You couldda ya know.

I too thought that you had made that dress. It is the sort of great fabric choice you would make. I love that vintage look.

Best Wishes,

Awesome tip - thank you for sharing!

She's not my favorite artist but my daughter loves her; as a matter of fact, she saw her in concert last night in Charlottesville, VA.

the pea and the sprout is used by the Victorian tourist board here in Australia as the music for one of their haunting ads to visit Victoria. Lovely song

I'm stuck on Neko Case but will check her out.

We just saw her in concert when she came to perform in Montreal, and we saw her the last time she came to town too. She is such an extraordianary talent and if you get the chance to see her live, you must go, she is just wonderful.

Cool! She reminds me a bit of Michelle Shocked, I'm not sure why.

Thank you, I'm always looking for great music. And I too thought that her dress was your creation.

I also first heard about it on Jimmy Fallon, just amazing. Now it is official., she doesn't really fail me when it comes to her kind of music.

Simply my cup of tea, and maybe many others cup too :>

jeanne-marie says: March 26, 2010 at 03:54 AM

Why do we have to live so far away? I miss you.

oh, small, small world - joanna's actually an acquaintance of mine from high school. One of my dearest friends was her next door neighbor (my friend took that photo of her above!)

i just wanted to send my heartfelt excitement over your decision to bring a little one into your family - what a lucky, lucky baby. (and congrats on being free of book-induced crafting constraints! two more weeks to go for me!)

hugs to you,

Thank you for sharing her! I just love her sound and her harp work is lovely. It took me a bit but I finally realized who she reminded me of..Bjork.
My favorite of hers is Sawdust and Diamonds.

Being a harpist myself, I'm equally fascinated by Joanna Newsom. Her courage and her individuality are SO inspiring.

and her dress rocks...

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