Waking Woods

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On Friday afternoon, we headed out to Fire Road 15 to see what was happening outside.


After a mild winter's sleep, the woods were waking.


We were, to the day, exactly two months earlier than our walk here last year. Things are only beginning to green, and the greens are still wintry -- desaturated, grayish, and cool.


But it's happening. It's definitely happening.


Or, at least, you can sense that it wants to happen.


It wants to happen.


In a couple of months, this meadow will be filled with wild daffodils and dandelions.


Trillium and yellow violets will cover the floor here. We'll be back.


I said to Andy that it reminded me of a stage set for a ballet that takes place in the forest, how they paint those layers of screens to make the fake forest look all distant and hazy and you say, "Man, that looks so real." And then you realize when you are in the forest that the stage sets look real because that's exactly how it is in the forest, and it's the forest that doesn't look "real," somehow. It's the forest that looks like the painting of the forest. Or something like that.


When you come out of the woods for a moment, you are on a hill overlooking the river. On the right is flat-topped Mt. St. Helens.


The small valley along whose edge we walk is studded by gigantic towers and huge strands of electric power lines.


It's hard to get a sense of how deep and wide it is from this photo.


But it gives you a strange sense of vertigo.


Big, little.


Wow. You know?


Tiny square-dancing skirts for forest frolics.


[Muffled footsteps, sparrow sounds, the smell of mud.]


Today is the international women´s day: Due to that I´m passing on the "8:th of March Award" to you!I proudly recieved it from a blog friend of mine and she asked me to pass it on to three brilliant women who deserves appretiation for their blogs. You are a great role model for me, and I thing the work you´re doing is terrific! Hopefully me passing on the award to you will lead to that more swedish women (and men)discover your blog, and cast some light on all your beautiful doings!
Thank you for the inspiration you give me!

Best regards from Maja!
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when I was little I had a square dancing skirt that looked exactly like that. with a matching top. and I LOVED it.

the woods are lovely, dark and deep.... I wish I lived near some! We have greenbelt here but it's different, not as dark and moist unless there is a water source around. Still beautiful, but I love the photos of your woods!

Me and my sister were just agreeing that it's so much nicer reading blogs from 'overseas', in particular America, in particular yours (we are very big fans). It seems as though everything you do is straight out of a book! Picturesque! Always!

hummmmm ! Many thanks ! I love your pictures !

Aww, thanks for the virtual forrest walk! I'm still in my chair recovering from a total hip replacement, and this perked me up. I have never been able to hike for a distance, because of this life long hip problem, but your post has reminded me of yet one more new thing I will be able to enjoy very soon!!

Your gift of words makes even the mundane exciting.

I'm not sure which is better. The smell or sound of spring mud! Happy mud season one and all.

thanks for taking your readers along... :-)

Stitch Sista says: March 08, 2010 at 06:04 PM

Gosh I'm not sure there's anything I miss more about the Pacific North West (lived in Vancouver, BC for 7 years). We have our beauties in Australia for sure, but the forests up your way are just the best. *sigh*

Ah, yawn...stretch. How wonderful.
"square dancing skirts."
Love it.

Beautiful photographs! It's almost here!!! I just can't wait:)

The power lines remind me of the movie "Jindabyne". Australian movie. Fantastic, if a bit creepy. Watch it.

Thanks for taking us along-beautiful!

We've been on this walk too, its a nice one. And we had such lovely weather over the weekend too. How 'bout that hail storm today!!

Wow, everything looks so alive already! We're still working on melting our snow here in MN.

And I haven't said it yet -- big, BIG congrats on the adoption news. You two will make some little girl the very luckiest child in the world! I'm so very happy for you.

Beautiful. Thank you.

Claire Ashworth says: March 08, 2010 at 08:54 PM

Alicia, all that green makes my heart sing! I think thats what i needed after a long day.

*happy sigh* I used to bike up there. I know just what you mean. Thanks for keeping me and that forest in touch =)

WOW is right! Thanks for taking us on that exquisite journey with you! You know how to live life! Or should I say, thrive?! Dive in, hike across, burrow through, sniff after, anticipate deeply, and just really SEE the magic of everything. Thank you a million times over. I'm so grateful to have this inspiration!

Beautiful. The tree fungus is amazing with all of its stripes.

Wrennette A. says: March 08, 2010 at 10:14 PM

Ahhhh, thankyou for such a lovely walk thru the woods. I felt like a mouse in your pocket! As a matter of fact....I have a good imagination and I could smelllll the richness of the earth. That was a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your favorite 'dear ones'. Thankyou again.

We got some outdoor time in this weekend - so lovely to see the woods again

I'm sitting here in sweltering Singapore living vicariously through your blog post. Thanks for sharing!

Pity I live in a place where it's summer all-year-round. The change of seasons is just absolutely amazing. Love your poetry and pictures!

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