Fields and Orchards

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On Sunday, we drove along the back roads out to the Wooden Shoe tulip fields for their annual festival. We missed going last year, but went the year before.


It's nice to try and go on cloudy days, when the sky is lavender blue.


The fields stretch out farther than you can really perceive.


At the far edge of the field is an enormous hazelnut grove. It was so gorgeous. I think I'll save most of the photos of it for tomorrow, because they really should have their own post.


We had decided that we would order a bunch of bulbs of just one type of tulip to plant along our fence. As we walked, we talked about what kind to get. That was a conversation that can't easily be transcribed, but it went something like this: "How about that one?" "Maybe. How about that one?" "Maybe." (Repeat 14 times.)


There were a ton of bugs in the air. Big huge flies of a type I'd never seen before.


You can actually see them flying in the air up there.


She almost blends into the flowers and trees.


I like these classics, myself. They remind me of a kindergarten, for some reason.


Tulip transportation.


Clog commute.


Ah, it was beautiful. I love tulips.


We wound up ordering bulbs like these, called 'Mistress'.


Sally Traidman says: April 13, 2010 at 04:28 PM

These photos are stunning. I just got home from a tulip riverboat cruise in the Netherlands last night and THEY didn't even have as many tulips as you did!

I would have ordered the exact same tulips you did, because at this moment in time, I am "into" pink! :)

All of your photos are absolutely gorgeous! My fav one is the one with the mountains in the background. So very pretty!

I love flowers, but somehow photos of them usually leave me cold. Having said that, the photo you took of the Mistress tulips is absolutely gorgeous. I love the tangle of the greens, the different stages of the buds opening and the depth of color. I love it.

Just amazing, how incredibly beautiful they are!

Oh, thank you for reminding me to head out to see the tulips! Wooden Shoe is in my neighborhood and I haven't been out there for a couple of years. Your photos are gorgeous! I think I need to buy some bulbs, too.

For goodness sakes, we were there the same day! We went later in the afternoon but we got a fair amount of gawking in, including a stroll through the hazelnut woods. Small world, no?

You know, those tulips made me think of elementary school too. I wonder why? Was it a book we were read? Or is it just those lovely primary colors? Seems like it has to do with a story...Just can't recall! I love the ones you chose, but I am going to have to search out the kindergarten tulips...seems like I almost remember something...

Wow, what gorgeous photos! I love color, lots of it, and flowers, too. I have been to the Netherlands twice, but neither time was it tulip time. Lucky you, living close to this beautiful place!

Beautiful unassuming photos. Well angled, the shots.

Oh my. Something about this reminds me of the unseen garden (imaginary, almost) of Sandro Boticelli's Madonna della Loggia. The flowers are incredible, but much credit is given also to how they were shots. Good work.

Your "around Oregon" posts always make me a tad homesick. I find myself scanning the background of the photos -- taking in the tall fir trees and the foothills and mountains. Or thinking about things like the small filbert (hazelnut) orchard next to my grandpa's house, where my brother now lives. I think it's time to schedule a trip home. Thanks for the post and pics. Love the tulips you ordered -- beautiful color, beautiful shape. Well chosen.

My husband and I attempted to visit the Woodburn Tulip Festival on Sunday, but amazingly, we weren't the only ones with that idea! So we went back down today--well worth the second trip from Portland in 3 days! It's a truly spectacular sight!! Thanks so much for inspiring our trip!

Thanks for the tulip shots. I love that sort of spring!

WOW..this is magical. Simply stunning pictures.

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