Fields and Orchards

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On Sunday, we drove along the back roads out to the Wooden Shoe tulip fields for their annual festival. We missed going last year, but went the year before.


It's nice to try and go on cloudy days, when the sky is lavender blue.


The fields stretch out farther than you can really perceive.


At the far edge of the field is an enormous hazelnut grove. It was so gorgeous. I think I'll save most of the photos of it for tomorrow, because they really should have their own post.


We had decided that we would order a bunch of bulbs of just one type of tulip to plant along our fence. As we walked, we talked about what kind to get. That was a conversation that can't easily be transcribed, but it went something like this: "How about that one?" "Maybe. How about that one?" "Maybe." (Repeat 14 times.)


There were a ton of bugs in the air. Big huge flies of a type I'd never seen before.


You can actually see them flying in the air up there.


She almost blends into the flowers and trees.


I like these classics, myself. They remind me of a kindergarten, for some reason.


Tulip transportation.


Clog commute.


Ah, it was beautiful. I love tulips.


We wound up ordering bulbs like these, called 'Mistress'.


What a great post. :)
Those tulips are magnificent, thanks for sharing !!!
Vivienne x

Wonderful tulip photos and the Hazelnut grove s stunning.

all that color is breath-taking!!

Oh, I love these photos :)

Greetings from Germany!

So, so beautiful....

Mistress is just incredibly beautiful-a lovely choice. I too love tulips. Those photos look like they were taken in Amsterdam and France-gorgeous. As my son would say, "Many thanks for the picture-walk."

I do believe tulips are my most favorite flower bulb...with daffodils coming in a close second. So, so beautiful.

Oh those are so pretty! I tried planting some here in Texas, but it's a no go -- first 100 degree day and they are toast. So I will enjoy them from afar from your beautiful photos. Thanks for the smile! :)

You chose the ones I would have, too. So soft and sweet. I have alot of tulips in my yard that must be the old kind as they keep multipying each year - yellow with red that looks like it's been red paint thrown at them

Elizabeth Mackey says: April 12, 2010 at 02:29 PM

Tulips always make me smile! Can't wait to see the orchard pics. I think orchards are magical. When I was little, this family friend of ours told me that at every end of a row there was a wolf! I was slightly scared for a time about them, but I was reassured that was not the case :)

LindaSonia says: April 12, 2010 at 02:39 PM

Hmmm I'm confused. Here in Michigan we get our tulip bulbs in the Fall for planting and spring bloom... Interesting how different things are in Portland.

Sarah west midlands England says: April 12, 2010 at 02:47 PM

beautiful pics. A sea of colour. Haven't seen any in the gardens around here yet. And you have lilac!! No sign of that yet either.

Oh these photographs! Amazing. I love tulips so so so so much.

I am so jealous. Tulips, peonies and lilacs just do not do well in SoCal and they are among the things I miss most from Chicago suburbs...besides the pizzq and Italian beef!

Thank you! Thank you! I love tulips. I wish I was there with you.

Beautiful photos!! My kindergarten student said, as we were walking to recess,"Look a long stemmed dandelion!" Gotta love that age!

I'm absolutely in love with the pictures of tulips! One of my favourite flowers :) Beautiful.

Wow! So fantastic seeing all the tulips massed together like that! Thank you for sharing such fabulous photos! I've forwarded you post to my Dutch mum, who lives in the tropics now (no tulips!)

wow! what an amazing place!

Bonnie Anderson says: April 12, 2010 at 05:26 PM

I grew up in a greenhouse. That looks like heaven -- Eden -- to me!

Thanks for sharing. What a day brightener!

oh so beautiful - wonderful pics! i love tulips too:) i spent the weekend at an Azeala festival touring gardens and have so many pics i dont even know where to start to post them...

Susan, Tsawwassen BC Canada says: April 12, 2010 at 05:34 PM

These photos take my breath away. I am speachless. (Wow ... stunning.)

Meredith Healy says: April 12, 2010 at 05:55 PM

You have just confirmed why I love tulips so much. Unfortunately they don't grow very well where I live in Australia!

Kristina P-M says: April 12, 2010 at 06:06 PM

Oh! Another thing I had 'forgotten' about living in Oregon!! Every time you post about your day trips it is something I have done back in the days of living in ORYGUN. I miss home, sigh. Thanks for a visual trip!

I went to the Tulip Festival in 1998 with my best friend and her new lab puppy. Definitely one of the top days of my life! I still cherish the photos. What a glorious blessing and thank you so much for bringing those memories back to me.

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