Sunday Morning

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Impromtu brunch next door. She made bagels. He made lattes. Andy smoked salmon. I made blueberry muffins. What isn't pictured is the Breton butter cake she'd made the day before, which was absolutely delectable. Like a cross between a croissant and a cake. (They're New Yorkers, we're Chicagoans. We talk a lot about food from home, and food in general.)


But who made the dishes? They're wonderful! Love that creamer.

You'd let me know if any houses go up for rent on your street, right? Thanks! ;-)

wow. that's perfect. really perfect.

You have a lovely blog - I´ll add you to my inspiration links. :-)

Nice to see that you have co-workers with fur as I do. They can get quite bossy really..! :-D

Hello can I be nosey?
What's the brown/orange 'cake' in the middle? what's the brown liquid in the little jug? and are they both butters out on your table because one is SO white - we haven't anything like that over here in the UK - mostly deep yellows. Oh and when's the next breakfast, I'll book a ticket!!

Good job on those muffins! They look delicious. I like impromptu meals with friends, they're the best kind.

yum - we went out for a lovely brunch yesterday, salmon salad and tomato, basil, feta omelet and french toast:)

Sounds divine, looks delectable:)

Oo, I really need to not read you before I've had breakfast. Now nothing less than bagels, muffins, salmon & butter cake will do! Yum!

That's amazing. makes my bagel look lame this morning. Yummy!!! Invite us all next time...ok?

I agree with Kate, my cold cereal is now making me sad.

Goodness, I wish I were your neighbor. You had me at bagels. Lovely!

mmmm, yummy. I want to be your neighbor!

Food Porn!
Look away!
What makes this even more enviable and lovely, is that you added the word: "Impromptu.... " I thought impromptu meant In-n-Out Burger.

I love this! Impromptu perfect!

I am perfectly content with my low-fat yogurt.

I am perfectly content with my low-fat yogurt.

I am...

Marvelous, and way better than my daily Cheerios!

Looks so beautiful and yummy! Do you know the maker of the dinnerware? It is lovely.

Susie Sears Taylor says: April 26, 2010 at 09:04 AM

Your neighbor seems to be the opposite of you in designing tablescapes...not a flower or piece of calico in site! Isn't it nice we are all so different and can enjoy others tastes? Everything sounds delicious except the salmon...sorry I am a ham/bacon/sausage lover. Glad you had fun. Isn't it great to have the blessing of neighbors?

Besides the yummy food... I'm sure you had great company!
I checked out the receipe. I love cooking bread as much as the next person... but I'm thinking that I will use my time differently... and then maybe go check out the one close by in SLC that the author of that blog mentioned he called!

Yum - to food and friends

Melissa L. says: April 26, 2010 at 10:24 AM

I have to apologize but when I read the words "Andy" and "smoked salmon" in the same sentence, it transported me back to possibly one of the funniest (albeit semi-tragic) posts of your career.

Just glad that everything was good this time around.

I'm laughing at Natalie's (from above) comment! I'm in that category too. I WISH this was an impromptu brunch for me! YUM. :)

yummy...i've always wanted to try bagels...have you made them?

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