"That smells like home,"

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 he said, meaning Illinois, when I held the bouquet out to him. I said that I'd thought the exact same thing.


I am just now seeing my hyacinths bloom. I can hardly wait for the lilacs!!!!!

We are months away from our lilacs. So jealous!

I am not so patiently waiting for the Lilacs & the Lily of the Valley to Bloom ~ They are Both My Favorite Flowers & Nothing beats the Fragrance .....

Oh, how I miss the lilacs of The Pacific Northwest...Yay for you!

Nothing smells better than a bouquet of lilacs.

I love home smells- or things that smell like home!

Peonies and lilacs...oh yes the smell of home (Maywood, IL)

Lilacs bring those memories back for me too. We had huge bushes of them at my childhood home and they just filled our house with their fragrance when my mom would bring them in. Ours is just coming into bloom -- dark purple -- yay!

Lilacs definitely smell like home to me, there are huge wild bushes around my grandmother's home in the mountains near Madrid. I remember gathering huge bouquets with her when I was little and then learning how to prep them and arrange them in vases all around the house...
Aaah, that smell brings her back so vividly it's making me teary...

Ahhh... lilacs! When I was in grad school I would snip small branches off some of the lilac bushes edging the parking lot by my building, and I recall one of the secretaries always having a small vase of them on her desk. The scent is transporting and heavenly.

Oh, I love them so. I have some on my kitchen table right now! The scent makes me smile every time I walk into the room.

KariJeanne says: April 10, 2010 at 07:22 PM

I agree! After moving from Minnesota to Arizona, I miss that beautiful lilac smell!

I'm seething with white hot jealousy. Lilacs are my all time favorite flower that I grew up with in New Hampshire. Now I live in Texas and they won't grow here. :>(

Must be from around Lombard, don't they have the Lilac Festival?

Always, many bouquets of lilacs with a few tulips in each, all over the house. My favorite time of the year in Elmhurst! We have new bushes now that are trying to be mature! And sweet tulips finally blooming. Beautiful post. Thank you. Love you.

I love lilacs so much! One of the lilac trees in my yard is blooming, but I am afraid the other one isn't going to this year..! And one of my kitties eats all of the flowers I bring into the house, so I may not be able to bring any bunches in, but I am glad you can!

This is so perfect, simple and sweet.

your life is perfect.

They remind me of summers growing up as I had a big lilac bush outside my bedroom window and loved the scent drifting in on the breeze at night. Thanks for the lovely reminder!

I have a lilac bush that has only given me one bloom for the past three years.... this year there is countless, I cant wait... ours are right on the cusp of bloom.....

Oh! One of the things I miss from growing up in Illinois is the lilacs. I remember almost everyone I knew had at least one bush in their yard. My sister had a row of them along her driveway. They'd grow so much they'd scratch the car if you weren't careful, but they smelled heavenly.

On another note. My very first perfume was White Lilac, given to my by my Grandma. It made me feel so grown up!

So sweet that you both thought the same thing. I smelled holly bushes on a walk the other day, and it reminded me of growing up.

I just saw my neighbor's bush over the fence starting to bloom today. Makes me miss the big bush at my home in Minneapolis.

A huge bush growing in my childhood home in Florham Park, NJ. Great lilacs in the Pioneer cemetery by the U of O in Eugene. Now a French purple bush graces our yard in Seattle - Lilacs are the best - so old and new at the same time.

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