The Hazelnut Orchard

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Oh, for a book and a blanket!


I'd sit on the soft moss and read all day.


"Are you coming?"


Such a good dog.


Miniature forests of moss.


A fairytale place.


I saw the photo and thought you would tell us of a place you yearn to go (I love to yearn)...and then the next photo is of himself and clover meadow!...oh what a spot! Where is it?
your #1 NH fan

oh my word...

I could see maidens beautifully dressed and their courts parading down the lanes.
I could see this mama with a picnic blanket and children playing among the rows.

thank you...makes me want to go out and play with my always inspire.

Oh yes - I could dream a few dreams there

Oh that place looks Lovey! I think I would never want to leave.

OH my goodness... I would love to see this and the tulips. I am putting it on my list to do in the next couple of years!

So eautiful, imagine what it would look like with snow!?

Thank you for sharing. I needed something to take my breath away today!

Well, that's it. I need an orchard now. And maybe some faeries to tend it.

Beautiful and enchanted indeed!

just so beautifull!

Such a wonderful and magical place... I love the peace and tranquility here.

Take care!

Yes, it is truly magical. Thank you for sharing your world.

Oh, how lovely!

tacomapat says: April 13, 2010 at 09:44 AM

I bet this scene would look wonderful with autumn leaves on the trees, too!

thank you for sharing such lovely photos. looks like such a dream!

Have you ever read the Story Girl books by Lucy Maud Montgomery (same author as of Anne of Green Gables)? Something about these orchard pictures just put me into memories of those books. Lovely photos!

Somebody needs to have a wedding here. I'd volunteer but I'm already married and on the East coast...

you big luckies! I want to lay down a blanket and have a picnic (along with my book). a fairy tale place indeed, so charming!

Love the photo of Miss Pinky Toes looking back at you!

It's a dream.
A dream-like setting to stir [if not shake] one's imagination.
Thanks for giving us something wonderful to carry in our thoughts today.
p.s. call me when those nuts begin to fall.

I want to read a novel with that title... "Hazelnut Orchard." It could be a quilt, or a poem, even a cake. And together with your pictures the inspiration is wide open.

What a beautiful place. I can imagine a young Anne Shirley skipping down that avenue of trees.
Definitely a ripe spot for daydreaming.

I SO want to go and experience this in my lifetime. VT has it's own beauty, but I've never encountered anything like that! It does look to be very fairytale-like. And I totally agree Abbey.. a wedding! With Jessica Claire photographing. Divine! LOL!

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