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I channeled my inner Sophie Dahl the other day (sadly my outer Sophie Dahl was nowhere to be seen, though I did make an attempt to put in some earrings and brush my hair) by baking. I'd been wanting to make the Raspberry-Lemon Whoopie Pies from the May issue of Everyday Food. (I don't see the recipe for these on-line anywhere, and the search feature on the MLS web site makes me insane, though I did run across this one, for Banana Whoopies, and I have some ripe bananas so I'll probably make these for my nephew's birthday tonight — Happy Birthday P-man!)


I haven't really been cooking or baking too much, so I needed something to get me back into the kitchen. These looked so pretty. (That's the magazine photo in the background.)


Whoop[s]ie! Egg on floor.


Waiting for the cookies to bake, I sat and looked around. This is our kitchen nook. This is a very small kitchen. Two people really cannot cook in it at the same time. One person with a short dog constantly underfoot is chaos enough. When you're not looking she will sneak in and lay down right in the middle of the six-foot wide kitchen very innocently like, Hmm? Did someone say I wasn't supposed to be in here right now? This as you turn around and practically fall face-first into the sink with a hot tray full of whoopies in your hands. We frequently need to practice our sit-stay just outside the kitchen threshold. She will grudgingly lay down just outside the door (though she must have paws inside the kitchen to feel included) and watch from there when requested. She would rather be sprawled obliviously in front of the cabinet you need to get into fourteen times, she wants you to know, but she will sit-stay on request. For some reason, two of our pets are completely immune to the possibility that they might get sat on/stepped on/laid on by someone or something; moving them is like moving a bag of flour, and they have about as much intention as a bag of flour does of moving itself.


They frequently walk on or sit on each other without even seeming to notice, not necessarily because they love each other so much, but just because they have that much inertia. It's bizarre. With the other kitters (the Bee), if you even so much as look in her direction she'll jump four feet straight up in the air and take off like a cartoon character [dust swirl at her feet], and you probably won't see her until dinnertime.


Yummy. That's whipped cream with some fresh raspberries swirled in.


Tops on. Wait, they need something.


Lemonade. Even though it was about 40 degrees out.


Your woopie pies look amazing- I had never heard of them until I started bloggin- Not something I grew up with in Canada.
I love your story about your pets. My dog has the same problem- I always try and remind myself that he just wants to be near me (ie RIGHT UNDER MY FEET-) but he is so little you would think he might have the sense to get out of the way when I have a tray in my hands and simply can't see him.
Glad it's not only Spike!

Raspberry and lemon... my favorite!!! Running to the store to get that mag right now!

(and it is so nice when food is pretty)

The size of the kitchen does not really matter but the delicious food that comes out of it does and yours certainly looks good. As to Miss Dahl , well who wants to cook in their best clothes getting flour and cream all over themselves?! Not I...
Have a lovely weekend. Just off to bake a quick mix(means throw all ingredients into mixing bowl and beat together)

Filled with whipped cream that has raspberries mixed in?? Oh ya! that's when you really got me wanting one, now!

Love being in the kitchen with you here! :) It's always inspiring.

Your household is like my dream come true. haha

So, Alicia.....

Every single time you post one of these cooking sessions, with the adorable kitchen in the background and the doubly adorable critters adding their two cents, I say to myself, "Self, see what Alicia just made? Come on, now, get busy in your kitchen and do something equally spectacular."

Somehow it just isn't the same without your nifty dialogue dancing around my head. Sigh!

(There *is* something special and unique about living vicariously....)

And I'm still laughing thinking about B in a cartoon!

Thanks for the fun!

Kathy in DC

What a charming, warm, cozy kitchen you have. I love your posts--especially about the pets--we have two largish dogs who think they are "helping" in the kitchen, too. Always underfoot--sprawling across walkways usually. Don't want you to forget they are there, and don't want to miss out on anything...

Oh Goddess, I'm drooling.

beautiful nook. Our kitchen is not large either and my golden retriever like to stretch out right in the middle of the floor while I'm baking.

I have a HUGE kitchen and my cats still need to be right under my feet when I'm cooking. I keep the green kitty squirt bottle right with my ingredients so I can get them out of my way when I'm taking something hot out of the oven, draining boiling pasta or other dangerous task. And the meows...especially for shredded parmesan cheese. Once they hear the bag open, they're climbinb up my legs and whining.

Comment dit-on en anglais déjà?
"gorgeous!!" :)

Jessie Heninger says: May 07, 2010 at 11:10 AM

We have a very tiny kitchen as well and a huge dog. I laughed to read about your sit stays b/c we have to that and he will lay down in such a way that he scoothces closer to where you are, it always cracks me up. Plus he then likes to pretend that he is invisible and as quietly as possible inch closer and closer.

Those Whoopies look good!! I do enjoy your animal tales. :)
Vivienne x

I am getting hungry, I am getting hungry.

yum...they look great...i hope you shared with the doggie and kits!

Never heard of whoopie pies-they look really yummy though (= I couldn't help but not in agreement when you described how your dog sneaks in the kitchen and must be reminded about sit-stay. Our youngest lab hears the "out" command at least 10 times a day. I think he's decided a little yelling is worth the nibble or two he sneaks off the ground (=

Lovely--I don't think I'll be making them anytime soon, but I just saw chocolate ones in the Trader Joe's Frequent Flyer. Hmmmm....

Those pies look so yummy! I noticed your Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar and laughed out loud- my mom had the same one when I was growing up and my name is on it when she decides to pass it on down!

I have been itching to make those whoopie pies! They look so very good! I keep every issue of Everyday Food on a bookshelf; I have ever since the first one. They are as indispensable as any regular cookbook. And I love your kitchen! So sweet and cottage-y and homey-feeling. I love the blue and red, and of course, the 'Reds! I have the same cookie jar and affinity for collecting such.

oh, the delicious miss dahl! thank you so much for turning me on to her... I am making eton rhubarb mess to bring to a dinner party tomorrow night. I draw the line at candied rose petals however. Maybe I will dig out a floral print dress to wear while cooking....

I don't know HOW you resisted titling this post "Makin' Whoopie(s)"!
Haha. They look yummy.

My kitchen is so small you can spit from one end to the other. Did you know you can pour salt on an egg on the floor and it makes it easier to clean right up? 'Tis true. Been there. Done that. As for Corgis in the kitchen: my wee beasties once ate two sticks of butter that fell from the counter. Paper and all. Happy Mother's Day weekend, Alicia ♥

colleen says: May 07, 2010 at 01:38 PM

aren't vintage white hutches the coolest thing ever???? i have two of them but would love another one...or two?

i need to make some whoopie pies this week! my hub is coming back from the mountains and my daughter is coming home for the summer.

and that is a big whoopie!!!!

Those look amazing! I am so hungry for whoopie pies now.

Lemonade is good any time, regardless of the temperature... as is ice cream! ... and now I think I'll go bake something yummy now that you've teased all of us with food.

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