Baking Day

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I channeled my inner Sophie Dahl the other day (sadly my outer Sophie Dahl was nowhere to be seen, though I did make an attempt to put in some earrings and brush my hair) by baking. I'd been wanting to make the Raspberry-Lemon Whoopie Pies from the May issue of Everyday Food. (I don't see the recipe for these on-line anywhere, and the search feature on the MLS web site makes me insane, though I did run across this one, for Banana Whoopies, and I have some ripe bananas so I'll probably make these for my nephew's birthday tonight — Happy Birthday P-man!)


I haven't really been cooking or baking too much, so I needed something to get me back into the kitchen. These looked so pretty. (That's the magazine photo in the background.)


Whoop[s]ie! Egg on floor.


Waiting for the cookies to bake, I sat and looked around. This is our kitchen nook. This is a very small kitchen. Two people really cannot cook in it at the same time. One person with a short dog constantly underfoot is chaos enough. When you're not looking she will sneak in and lay down right in the middle of the six-foot wide kitchen very innocently like, Hmm? Did someone say I wasn't supposed to be in here right now? This as you turn around and practically fall face-first into the sink with a hot tray full of whoopies in your hands. We frequently need to practice our sit-stay just outside the kitchen threshold. She will grudgingly lay down just outside the door (though she must have paws inside the kitchen to feel included) and watch from there when requested. She would rather be sprawled obliviously in front of the cabinet you need to get into fourteen times, she wants you to know, but she will sit-stay on request. For some reason, two of our pets are completely immune to the possibility that they might get sat on/stepped on/laid on by someone or something; moving them is like moving a bag of flour, and they have about as much intention as a bag of flour does of moving itself.


They frequently walk on or sit on each other without even seeming to notice, not necessarily because they love each other so much, but just because they have that much inertia. It's bizarre. With the other kitters (the Bee), if you even so much as look in her direction she'll jump four feet straight up in the air and take off like a cartoon character [dust swirl at her feet], and you probably won't see her until dinnertime.


Yummy. That's whipped cream with some fresh raspberries swirled in.


Tops on. Wait, they need something.


Lemonade. Even though it was about 40 degrees out.


utterly beautiful! You've inspired me to take out the flour and make something lovely. :-) I know what you mean about inertia - we have a cavoodle and a miniature dachshund - they are so appalling lazy and all they want to do is smooch. If that means one has to lay across the other's head, so be it.

Troy Louise says: May 07, 2010 at 03:56 PM

Oh do those look delicious! I know what you mean about the critters under foot, my rather large springer spaniel loves to visit in my similar sized kitchen wedged up against the refrigerator. Happy Weekend.

those look so yummy! and i know just what you mean about having a dog underfoot in the kitchen. i have a galley kitchen and it is big lab (85+ lbs) always has to be in the kitchen with me when i'm cooking... i can't tell you how many times i've tripped over him. :)

Ummmm, looks yummi!!

I love the photos of the whoopie pies. They are making me drool for such a sweet dessert.

:) Laura

mmmmmm... those cookies look divine!

It was such a treat to come home after a very chilly and wet day in Chicago to your lovely pictures of your cozy nook and delicious baked goods.
Thank you

Everyone's dog-in-the-kitchen stories is so funny! My dog (Border Collie size) likes to lay right in the middle of the kitchen when we're cooking.
When I'm washing dishes, then he'll lay just outside the kitchen threshold (paws crossing it of course) and watch.

Your pies look so yummy, and I adore your little kitchen nook! I am drooling over your "Little Red Riding Hood" cookie jar just about as much as I am your pies!!! :)

Your Whoopie Pies look absolutely delectable! Also, I must say, every time I get glimpses of your living space I am overcome by how truly precious everything is. It is what I imagine my house to be like when I grow up :)

Thank you for this beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day.

a) could not agree more about the MS search feature. Get it together Martha! That search feature is a HOT MESS.

b) I have pets that love to cause accidents too. AH-mazing!

c) Those whoopies! Wow, bestill my heart!

What a cute picture of your little ones! Your whoopie pies make me want to shout "whoopie" they look so delicious!

See- I like Sophie's programme but she is obviously a woman who does not eat as much as she pretends to or she would still be the gorgeous size sixteen she was a few years ago. I suspect we are being sold a lie.

Ooh. They look lovely!

yum yum yum x

I just love your photos! Those cookies look amazing, and so does that lemonade with raspberries, yum! I can't remember the last time I baked, sounds like fun. Ill have to make some time this weekend ;)

How pretty is that?

And I even have a cat who wants to crawl in the mixing bowl...and a teeny kitchen, too...

Problem is...nowhere as pretty as yours!

Have you seen the whoopee pies on the King Arthur site? Yum...

You always take the most gorgeous pictures...

Oh, those look good! I have her cookbook too and made 'Teddy's Lettuce Soup' this week -- surprisingly good. Sophie is just so adorable, isn't she? Love her house and the way she dresses (almost more than the recipes ;)!

Ooh, what a luscious treat! Those whoopie's look so tasty.

LOL @ the animals needing to be close to you. Our cat does the same when he is hungry and thinks the food might be (or should be)for him.

MamaLana says: May 08, 2010 at 12:35 PM

As my friend Georgia says, "We have a one-butt kitchen."

Those *do* look good, but I think what grabs me the most about this post is your beautiful aqua-colored mixing bowl.

I think I'd bake every day, if I had a mixing bowl like that.

(That's what I said about having a cute little apron, but three years and six aprons later, I still bake just as much as before, LOL!)

Claire Ashworth says: May 08, 2010 at 05:19 PM

want some sooooooooooo bad!

fab post Alicia!
love the kitchen nook - the colours, the light, the cookbooks! Mine are in my study, which is a stupid place to keep them, i know!

love the pupper/kitter pic, too

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