Blustery, and Bubbling Bolognese

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The weather all weekend was so blustery and cold. This morning rain pelting the bedroom windows (and rattling them constantly — they are very old) woke me (that and a cat snoring on my neck and a dog walking on my hair). Yesterday (Sunday) I didn't leave the house at all, and only opened the back door eight or nine times to let various pets out and in (five minutes later — nobody wanted to be outside). Andy had the iPod at work so I couldn't play Words with Friends (my new vocation), but that was probably good because it meant that I actually made some progress on my WIPs. I watched the 2005 Little House on the Prairie movies on the Hallmark channel, which was really fun since I just finished re-reading Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie recently (I've finished all the books on my sidebar list, and have to do a book post, I know, since I'm actually reading new ones now). It felt so good to have a weekend where we didn't really go anywhere or do anything. 

Claire inspired me to make some bolognese sauce — isn't her illustration of the Sunday Night Spag Bol so adorable? I had a recipe from Mario that I'd been wanting to try for a while, and it seemed like the perfect blustery weekend for several hours of viscous simmering (be sure to keep the heat low, cast a watchful eye on the bottom of that pot, and stir frequently). I used ground beef and finely diced the pancetta (I keep it frozen so it's easier to slice). I like my spaghetti served very specifically: sauce only on top, not mixed up, and with a blob of ricotta. Andy likes his all mixed up, no ricotta (not into it). Either way you like it, this was delicious, and seemed just right for a lazy day that felt much more like fall than spring. (And, like Claire suggests, you can freeze a bunch of it, too, for when you don't have a whole lazy afternoon to cook.)


yum, yum, yum, Sunday must be the day for Bol Sauce and spaghetti. I loved little House on the Prairie growing up.
Every Sunday it is my turn for cooking the family meal. It was like the Walton's last Sunday around here.

Great. I just ate dinner, saw this, and now I'm hungry again! Looks DELICIOUS!

What a great idea to reread the Little House on the Prairie series! I'm definitely moving them to my nightstand. We also live in Portland, but I managed to spend all day yesterday "playing" with the weeds attempting to take over our backyard... Your dinner looks delicious--luckily computers are not scratch and sniff!

Our weather was bad too but not blustery, just super stormy. So- I cooked all weekend too. Pot roast and red beans and rice

Maryellen Quarles says: May 03, 2010 at 06:08 PM

what a coinkydink! I was making bolognese sauce for our dinner tonight too when I took a break to read your post. Wish I'd had some ricotta to go with mine!

I just made some of sauce this morning and had it for lunch.

[in an unrelated story]
just saw the cover of your new book:


am thrilled for you!!!


I am a TOTAL GEEKY FAN of the Little House books -- did you know I live in Mankato, Minnesota, one of the towns the Ingalls visited? I've also visited Plum Creek, Walnut Grove and deSmet South Dakota. And I also used to make my cousins play Laura, Mary and Carrie with me...

this looks so tasty - you create such a cozy picture with the blustery wind outside and the bubbling pot inside :) I watched that Hallmark Little House on the Prairie too - I just loved it!

I get so hungry visiting here, Alicia!!

Man, everty time I see pics of your food, I want to go and make it straight away!!
It's been pouring with rain most of the Bank Holiday weekend over here too...prompting me to make a batch of poppyseed biscuits.

So cute, and I want to add how much I love reading your blog. You always brighten my day just a little more.

Book post, please! I owe you a giant thank you for most of my new very favorite books: Hens Dancing, Love in a Cold Climate, The Pursuit of Love, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, I Capture the Castle, and more I'm sure.

Have you read the Provincial Lady series by E.M. Delafield? (There's a very good chance that I heard about it here in the first place!) This series is a wonderful addition to the smart-but-loopy British woman diarist genre, along with Hens Dancing, Summertime, & of course Ms. Jones.

Oh, and my point was, I'm plum out of books at the moment so please recommend some more, please!

Yummy! We were up at Silcox Hut (at Timberline) during the being of rather higher intellect I decided to not ski down :)

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