Oh dear me.

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Do not not NOT tell the Bee. . . .


Susie Sears Taylor says: May 29, 2010 at 06:02 PM

COZYYYYY Clover! Neatly tucked in.

freaking way cute!!!

The colors are so dreamy...And that face! She knows!

Laura A. says: May 29, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Oh, Clover. You must share.

OK now...that is TOO much cuteness to be borne!!! The afghan is just lovely, and Clover Meadow...words fail.

Just how much higher on the cute meter can little Clover get?! Love the colors in the blanket.

I agree, look at that guilty face, she knows!

Ohhhh I want this as a post card!!! She is so sweet!!

Enjoy the weekend!!

Love from the NJ shore!
xoxo Jenny

Oh this is so gorgeous! Lovely inspiring colours and what a delightful face!
Sophie x

Hahahaa... I'm telling you. She IS too much.

Best picture ever.

This settles it: She is my favorite dog. I melt every time I see her face.

That's priceless. Hope she doesn't get in too much trouble.

Rachael says: May 29, 2010 at 06:51 PM

Look at those beautiful eyes.. Such a great photo.

I love the colors in your blog and in your blankets!!

ah ha ha haaaa! love it. what a precious puppers! (as perfectly precious as your baby book which i LOVE! bravo!)

That is such a sweet pooch! And a beautiful afghan!

can I come live with you?

Your corgi is sooo cute. I must get a corgi someday, as long as my pug lets me.

Oh, come on you can whip up another one in a jiffy, right?

Pretty sneaky, sis. That Clover is much too much.

I always leave from visiting your space with either great admiration for your creativity, or else a big smile on my face at your lighthearted approach to life! Thank you!!!

oh, you better move the dog before the cat comes home...

That Clover is too cute for her own good!

Oh snuggles!

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