Oh dear me.

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Do not not NOT tell the Bee. . . .


The colours are scrumptious. Cozy throwsy.

Claire Ashworth says: June 01, 2010 at 08:14 PM

hahahaha you are hysterical!

The day seems perfect, really.

Hey, Alicia, I thought of one more book to add to your list -- a perfect one for anyone who likes handmades. it is called FEEDING THE SHEEP and it is by Leda Schubert. I put a contest for a signed copy of it on my blog: lurban.livejournal.com

(If this is an inappropriate post, I hope you'll delete it and accept my apologies.)

Clover Meadow, you just made me smile. Thank you.

OMG that is so funny!! PERFECT caption.

Oh, and exactly what 'a little crafty nest' said a few comments above, too. :)

....it is actually impossible to get out of bed w/ fluffy ears and a cold wet nose staring at you saying move me and you'll be sorry!!! I am of course speaking from experience, springer spaniel not corgi, but the same look none the less!! Lord help me if my Cooper and Guinness see this picture I will need to learn how to crochet!!

Louise Beach says: July 08, 2010 at 04:37 PM

Oh my gosh, how adorable.....AND I love love love the colors in that beautiful afghan......saved it to my pictures so I can refer to it when I shop for yarn .....now I just have to teach myself how to make a granny square....I just started crocheting...
Thank you for sharing......

ah this is the loveliest photo in a blog!!

I love that dog!! Its so beatiful

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