Oh dear me.

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Do not not NOT tell the Bee. . . .


A real sweetheart and she's getting cozy, too! I love the sage green and the pinks in this piece. Oh la la!

missjenny says: May 30, 2010 at 10:50 PM

who loves ya, baby?

Sue Collins - Broome Australia says: May 31, 2010 at 12:27 AM

You manage to bring a smile to my face every time I read your posts....thankyou.

Oh that green! Oh that aqua blue! Oh that adorable doggie ...

This picture made my day!

I want a doggie...a cute one like this. One that likes to snuggle. sigh. She's beautiful.

I just saw Clover's puppy video on YouTube via The Daily Corgi - too sweet! Makes me want another cardi pup!!


I do so love your sweet pooch :)

Oh Clover my dear you look simply stunning with those colors! I say dogs rule and Miss Bee can just wait til you're done with that comfy afghan to reclaim it.

she looks so sweet and cozy!

Corinne says: May 31, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Hello, Alicia...! I am a "brand new" reader to your blog, and I LOVE IT...!!!!! I have ordered your book and cannot wait to receive it...! You "arrived" at just the right time...after knitting a lot, I am feeling a call to return to my sewing that I learned so many decades ago, and the dresses on your blog are heart-warming! I'll be checking in with you often!!

Sherri.lachance@gmail.com says: May 31, 2010 at 06:06 PM

i'll take one of the afghans and one of the Clover Meadow dogs, please:)

Just too cozy for words

This is really beautiful!

Awww - too cute! :-)

that is the most gorgeous shot! I love it! loving your blog and looking forward to checking in regularly :)

What a riot! Clover looks so perfectly delighted. And why not, it looks like a little slice of heaven to nestle into your wonderful handmade bedding. That is one pampered pet!

OMG, the sweetest picture and caption EVER!

(I miss my Clark... sniff)

Don't make me choose. PLEASE, don't ever make me choose who's the cutest in that afghan.

Why do pets do that? My cat Belle (also known as The B), has HER cat nest on the back of the couch. The two boy cats know better than to even go near it. Until the time Belle and Harry had to go to the vet together and we came home to see Sam in B's nest. Oh, the drama and hissies!

claudia horner says: June 01, 2010 at 08:59 AM

Oh that face -- seems like I am reading something in those puppers eyes to the effect of, "don't I look too adorable to move?"

I love all your pet stories. Clover is just begging to be kissed on the nose!

On another topic..I was surfing the website art.com trying to find the perfect print for my Shabby Chic guest bedroom. As I was searching, I came upon a print called "Rose Cottage" by Helen Allingham. For some reason, I thought of you and thought you'd like it.

What cuteness! LOL @ the wrath of the Bee if she found out.

Oh how I wish I could be there for Bee's reaction when she comes across that scene! muahahaha

So cute! And so smart :))

sneaky puppers! She knows Bee has good taste in such a pretty, snuggly blanket.

It's beautiful Alicia, and your work always has the perfect accessories. =)

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