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Thank you to everyone who offered to test crochet patterns yesterday! (I have contacted everyone and heard back from almost everyone [Abraubenolt, I don't have an email address for you, so please get in touch with me if you are still interested :-) ], so I'll be getting draft patterns out this afternoon. I have never worked on three patterns all at the same time, so hopefully these aren't complete and total gibberish (think Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty).

I made a little chair pad the other day, just so I could put down the yarn for a bit. I got this chair at one of my favorite thrifting places, Village Merchants. I was driving by and saw it out in front and immediately pulled over and ran towards the store. I think it was $12 and it was already painted this perfect blue. Very sturdy. Crying out for a chair pad. I really hate those big poufy, bulbous chair pads. They are comfortable, but I just don't like them. This one isn't really going to save your buns, but it's cute, and that's something. I used the magic interfacing method, as I did for the Summerhouse Pillows. Still so very much loving this method. Wait, let's prop this photo.


It's always nice to have your chair pad match the super-cute rain boots. The chair pad is lined with two layers of quilt batting, and backed with teensy pink gingham (like the ties). I am realizing that I have more 2" square patches cut than I will probably use in a bobillion years, so maybe I will do kits for these. You can make then make the chair pad to fit your own chair perfectly. It's very easy — just take a big piece of paper and trace the outline of the seat, and mark where the ties go.


Andy Paulson has a long history of (accidentally) (if you can call leaning back in your chair until it breaks or falls over an accident) breaking chairs and chair pads, especially at my sister's house. I just remembered this. Perhaps that's why six of our other chairs have no chair pads. I just remembered this too.


THE cutest chair pad in the history of the world! xo

Alice S says: May 05, 2010 at 09:09 AM

What an awesome chair! The pad just makes it perfect. I so wish that I could find such thrifting treasures!

So cute! Propping with the rain boots... adorable. No wonder why your house always looks so cozy. Every corner (from what I've seen on the blog) seems to tell a story. I'd love it if you would do an online house tour sometime!!

Cute chair pad, and I love those rain boots.
I have lots and lots of fabric in my stash, but wouldn't ever have up with something so cute on my own. Thanks for the idea.

Angela S says: May 05, 2010 at 09:47 AM

That chair pad is adorable. Does Andy pull the ties off the chairpads? That's what my husband does. Now I just leave the ties off and put a little square of something rubbery (like those spongy shelf liners) between the chair and the pad. It's not perfect but at least my chairpads don't get torn.

Hey, its a Tanglewood bag in chair pad form! Excellent. I would love to make these for my dining room chairs, but I just know I'd run out of steam before I hit 8.

Mary Ann in Vermont says: May 05, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Oh, yes, yes, pretty please, with a shiny red cherry on the chair pad kits! I'll be very first in line to purchase one.
You have no idea how kitty-kute I think this chair pad is in your sweet little home.
I'm off to buy your Summerhouse Pillow pattern right after this, and, I do so hope it is easy~peasy magic.
I am thrilled beyond thrilled to visit your sister's blog. Thank you so very much for the link to her.

Adorable! Lucky girl. A, I was hoping you'd link to your post explaining the magic interfacing patchwork method, I was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure you explained it on your blog somewhere. Thanks!

Julie G. in Iowa says: May 05, 2010 at 10:35 AM

It perfectly matches your perfect colored wall. Perfection! (Did I mention how perfect it all looks?) I just LOVE this color! This is the color that always got worn down the most in my crayon box. I think I need to find a coloring book now...

That's so cute. I have a wooden chair here that I still have to paint and I haven't decided what colour yet, but now I see this I am starting to think blue could be nice :-)

I was just thinking that I need to recover my kitchen chair cushions. Some patchwork would be soooo cute. Of course, I have no sense when it comes to color matching, so my attempts would look.... well... not this pretty. Love it!

The auto shop next door is also excellent if you need your car fixed. :)

Melissa L. says: May 05, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Don't tell Arden but that (linked) story about the unibrow toilet paper roll revenge-artwork IS JUST HILARIOUS.

ellen kelley says: May 05, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Such a cheerful chair pad..and just what one needs this time of year in Western Oregon.
Your comment about Andy brought back memories of raising boys and the command I would shout out often, "Four on the Floor, please!"

Darling Alicia! I love those squares! And what a darling darling use with the chair pad. That chair is perfection--nice find.

Did you know I bought some from you AGES ago--I think in 2008 and actually used them in rejiggering a quilt awhile ago while waiting for my baby to be born. Here are the results. You can see your fabrics in the bottom pictures.

I'd been thinking about how to do something like this--I like how you made them non-poofy! I'm thinking that you should definitely do the kits!

super cute chair pad- and the perfect chair. Bummed I missed out being a crochet tester. I've been so busy this week with school things that I haven't been able to check my fav blogs for a few days...if you need one more, let me know.

tacomapat says: May 05, 2010 at 01:55 PM

Way cool - that chair was truly calling out to you - the color is perfect. I am impressed that you put 4 sets of ties on the pad - two never work - very impressive.

Very cute! One day (most likely when my kids leave home, at this rate...) I want to make a wee blanket out of lots of wee squares like that.

your sewing really is beautiful - I don't need to sit on your pretty chair pad, I'm just enjoying looking at those smooth curves on the two front corners. And your fabric choices are oh so sweet. Ahhhh ... I'm making new living room cushions today - four - and I wanted a different patchwork design for each one. I have a Dresden plate (inspired by Erleperle), a Flying Geese (inspired by Anita at Bloomin Workshop), an applique inspired by a beautiful design in an Art Deco source book at work, and now 2 inch square patches. Yep, definitely. I'm off to start cutting now. :-) p.s. we put your new book on order at our bookstore yesterday - the owner was delighted and couldn't believe she'd missed your first one. I can't wait.

Love the chair and the pad.

So glad you shared this!! My chairs are in need of pads, and I was going to make plain old calico covers. Patchwork calico will be much more fun. Thanks for the idea....and a big laugh at Andy. My Ollie has a penchant for accidentally breaking dishes.

OMG! I have been reading Under the Tulip Tree for a few months now and didn't know till today that she is your sis! What do you know?! That Arden--what a talented young artist--no wander you are so smitten!

I can actually hear the cracking of my old yellow chair right now... CraaaaCCCCK! I actually thought about this the last time I bought chair pads. I thought it might be best to take them off before Andy came over. But I don't like them anyway so maybe I'll leave them on and have an excuse to buy some new ones soon.

Love ya, Randy!

(Love the chair pad, too)

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