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Thank you to everyone who offered to test crochet patterns yesterday! (I have contacted everyone and heard back from almost everyone [Abraubenolt, I don't have an email address for you, so please get in touch with me if you are still interested :-) ], so I'll be getting draft patterns out this afternoon. I have never worked on three patterns all at the same time, so hopefully these aren't complete and total gibberish (think Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty).

I made a little chair pad the other day, just so I could put down the yarn for a bit. I got this chair at one of my favorite thrifting places, Village Merchants. I was driving by and saw it out in front and immediately pulled over and ran towards the store. I think it was $12 and it was already painted this perfect blue. Very sturdy. Crying out for a chair pad. I really hate those big poufy, bulbous chair pads. They are comfortable, but I just don't like them. This one isn't really going to save your buns, but it's cute, and that's something. I used the magic interfacing method, as I did for the Summerhouse Pillows. Still so very much loving this method. Wait, let's prop this photo.


It's always nice to have your chair pad match the super-cute rain boots. The chair pad is lined with two layers of quilt batting, and backed with teensy pink gingham (like the ties). I am realizing that I have more 2" square patches cut than I will probably use in a bobillion years, so maybe I will do kits for these. You can make then make the chair pad to fit your own chair perfectly. It's very easy — just take a big piece of paper and trace the outline of the seat, and mark where the ties go.


Andy Paulson has a long history of (accidentally) (if you can call leaning back in your chair until it breaks or falls over an accident) breaking chairs and chair pads, especially at my sister's house. I just remembered this. Perhaps that's why six of our other chairs have no chair pads. I just remembered this too.


Alicia, I love this chair pad! I've been gathering inspiration from you for years. Maybe I can return the favor and give you a recipe or two from my blog: I lovce this! I so need to make some cushions for my dining room table, but have been putting it off, thinking I'll have to buy the cushions and cover them. Ok, i'm totally making these. Thanks for the idea!

Such a cute chair pad :))

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