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Thank you to everyone who offered to test crochet patterns yesterday! (I have contacted everyone and heard back from almost everyone [Abraubenolt, I don't have an email address for you, so please get in touch with me if you are still interested :-) ], so I'll be getting draft patterns out this afternoon. I have never worked on three patterns all at the same time, so hopefully these aren't complete and total gibberish (think Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty).

I made a little chair pad the other day, just so I could put down the yarn for a bit. I got this chair at one of my favorite thrifting places, Village Merchants. I was driving by and saw it out in front and immediately pulled over and ran towards the store. I think it was $12 and it was already painted this perfect blue. Very sturdy. Crying out for a chair pad. I really hate those big poufy, bulbous chair pads. They are comfortable, but I just don't like them. This one isn't really going to save your buns, but it's cute, and that's something. I used the magic interfacing method, as I did for the Summerhouse Pillows. Still so very much loving this method. Wait, let's prop this photo.


It's always nice to have your chair pad match the super-cute rain boots. The chair pad is lined with two layers of quilt batting, and backed with teensy pink gingham (like the ties). I am realizing that I have more 2" square patches cut than I will probably use in a bobillion years, so maybe I will do kits for these. You can make then make the chair pad to fit your own chair perfectly. It's very easy — just take a big piece of paper and trace the outline of the seat, and mark where the ties go.


Andy Paulson has a long history of (accidentally) (if you can call leaning back in your chair until it breaks or falls over an accident) breaking chairs and chair pads, especially at my sister's house. I just remembered this. Perhaps that's why six of our other chairs have no chair pads. I just remembered this too.


Such a great project- I love it!

I need a chair and chair pad just like this one for my guest room- I love all the fabrics!

super cute! I love The Village Merchants too...I need a bumper sticker that says "warning I brake for the Village Merchant". I am always trying not to rear end people when I drive past and try to scope out all the cute stuff that is outside.

The pad is lovely - perfect for the chippy blue chair. I also have a pad habit of snapping the ties off of chair pads, so I sympathize with Andy!

Also, I have the same boots!

love this chair pad... love. it. Am very interested in this magic interfacing piecing method...hope to hear more...beautiful work!

Super cute. I'm in for a kit if you decide to get the assembly line going.

Perfect story to tell your babies about their daddy one day.

Alicia, I just love those pads. Fabulous idea. What color is that paint on the chair?

Wrennette A. says: May 05, 2010 at 09:36 PM

I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO. You could let your dishes stack up in the sink for a week...and I'd find something about it I liked...because it was you. BUT I have a question. Why do you have such a surplus of little squares? Did Andy cut them out for you?.......and he got carried away?
I have such a difficult time cutting my pieces out......terrible arthritis since my early 30s...soooo, I was wondering if you have a fairy that cuts out your quilts.....and that fairy would like to drop over the border into California...This is a Danish American home and I make great soup and cornbread !! Even for fairies.

Very pretty - love the colour of the chair and all those teeny patterns

ohhhh... ohhhhh... just sighing you know... ohhh... just for no reason at all... ohh my

Oh yes please to chair-pad kits!
i have been thinking that i need to make chair pads for our kitchen chairs because my partner's office closed, so he now works from the kitchen table! We were hoping it was short term, but that's just not the way the cards have fallen...
Needless to say, his behind would benefit from a bit of padding so these pads would be ideal!
Thanks Alicia! xx

Looks great-I love the blue of the chair too :)

That chair is the perfect color!

Would love a chair pad kit or I'd be happy to just buy some squares from you :-) The cutting is the hardest part for me. I'm still in love with the magic patchwork technique as well and have a raspberry pillow laid out on my sewing table right now!

The chair pads are adorable! You're right, I don't like the big poufy ones either. They're just kinda "wrong" feeling on the butt-bones. I have some history with tipping chairs over, too...mine stems from when I was 3 and wouldn't stop rocking in my high chair and despite warnings, fell over and got peas and mashed potatoes all over. The fam still brings it up (geez, guys, get over it - I've done more spectacularly embarrassing things since!)

I love it! It's perfect, and I'm thinking I may have to go get some of those boots for my neice!

Just perfectly patchy! I don't like those thick pillowy pads either.

LOVE THIS! Please do kits!

Hi Alicia! I was just thinking the other day that we needed chair pads -- sea grass seats are hard on the bum when wearing shorts, you know. And then I was thinking about your technique for making the patchwork pillows, and I was searching your blog, but I couldn't find it. And now today here it is! Thanks, universe! YAY! :)

adorable chair pad and i just love those boots!! Your pictures and posts are always so inspiring!

Lovely, one of my favorite colors on that chair! :-)

OMG! Very CUTE! Just don't let Andy sit on it;)

Love the chair and the pad.

That chair pad is adorable~

That chair is the perfect shade of blue - love it.

We have a friend that kindly takes off the chair pad before he sits - saves him and us grief.

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