Tulipfield Dresses: Anneke

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PATTERN: Mine (a prototype I am working on)
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Various DK- and sport-weight yarn in cashmere-wool blend and alpaca

I have had so much fun designing these three Tulipfield Dresses (here is the first and the second of the group, in case you missed them). I can't believe how well the weather has cooperated with these, both colorwise (it has seemed irrevocably gray here for the past few weeks, with so many touches of pink, green, and yellow) and temperature-wise (it's been freezing and windy and rainy = not much going outside). This is pretty typical of Oregon springs, in my experience — spring seems to start in late February and go, sometimes, until June. So wooly, soft little jumpers like these can be worn, I think for several months — I pictured this one, especially, with cable tights (do they make dijon-mustard-colored cable tights?) over a soft, full little calico dress (I picked up this little pink calico dress for a song from Marshall's, but I think one with longer sleeves would be adorable).


I used almost the same yoke pattern I used for my Cecily Baby Sweater (I just did it in half-double crochet and left out the openings for the ribbon), then did the body of the dress in wattle stitch, which is one of my favorite nubby, drapey sort of stitches. The whole thing is done in the round (again, with attached rows), so there are no seams; I crochet over all of my tails at the color switches, so there's almost nothing to weave in at the end. And again I used my new favorite yarn, the DK-weight undyed Eco Alpaca (I buy all of mine at Happy Knits). I think I have crocheted miles of this yarn now. Oh how I love alpaca yarn. Especially for crochet, which can tend to be rather heavy and stiff for wearable garments. Alpaca yarn seems to crochet up more beautifully than any yarn I have ever used.

I plan to make all three of these dress patterns available in sizes from 6 months to 4T within the next few weeks. I have the drafts written, so if anyone is interested in testing any of them, I would love a couple of testers (especially for the bigger sizes) — just let me know in the comments and I'll get in touch with you. *Thank you testers!!! I think we have plenty now and I will be in touch directly!!!

I seem to slowly be making progress on all of the things I had started last month. I have so many different patterns I want to make up for different projects, it's ridiculous. I need to stop starting things and start finishing them!


I would love to test drive one of these patterns. I'm currently knitting and crocheting for a preemie (not mine,) my littlest who is one today, (sniff!) and my 3yo. I could even size up as it is already getting warm here in KY.
Holler if I can help! If not the gals and I will wait patiently for the patterns--I just love all three of these little dresses.

would love to test! I have a three year old (and 9 year old!) and they share clothes! I know, it's weird, but true! Best of all, I'm a Dutch girl - so anything tulip related runs deep! Love all the dresses - it has been so much fun seeing what you come up with!!! I'm still waiting for a Daddy's Little Girl dress in Plaid with mother of pearl snap buttons!!!!!

What fun! I'd love to test out the pattern in any size you need. I have a long car ride coming up in July that would be perfect.

Margret says: May 04, 2010 at 12:27 PM

I would enjoy crocheting up a little dress for you--it's the perfect time for me to begin a new project. Any size would be fine with me. I have been crocheting for about thirty years now, having taught myself to read patterns when my little girl was a toddler. These dresses have captured my heart.

I'd love to be a pattern tester for you! I'm fine with any size -- I can find a kid to match :-)

I have a very-nearly 2yr old daughter and would LOVE to test a 24mo/2T pattern. She'd be crazy cute in it come this autumn!!

I love what you are doing with these! I know you probably have enough people to test you patterns, but if you need more, I'd love to get a chance to. I am an experienced at crochet, and I love trying new patterns (I get bored doing the same pattern over and over.)

You have totally inspired me to start making baby clothes (for my ever growing stash of gifts), you've gotta love a project you can do start to finish while watching a movie or easily carry around. I even took along the 12 mo make up as you go sweater I am working on with me to a Jane Lynch Band concert on Sunday night (this is neither here nor there, but if you are still on the look out for new music she is lovely and plays with some very talented guys). All this to say that I would love to test out your new dress goodness and even if I don't get a chance to test them I can't wait to try out your latest batch of patterns. Ugg sorry about writing the worlds longest comment, but I just have lots of love for baby crochet goodness!

Hi Alicia, I'm here in Portland and would love to test this third pattern for you. I have twins who would wear the 4t, maybe even one size larger. I have made your Cecily baby sweater and it turned out so well, your patterns are great and well written!

I'm also an adoptive mama and I have been checking your blog every week waiting to hear that you've been matched!

Lulu's BFF says: May 04, 2010 at 02:41 PM

Why Mrs Paulson!!
I thought you'd never ask!!!

i've been teaching knitting and crochet for years and would love to be a [Permanent] pattern tester!! i design a lot--one of a kind numbers, and 'art'. oh! Oh! and i won first prize a few yearrs back for crochet!! http://www.stitchdiva.com/custom.aspx?id=56
that's Lulu!! & This is the Opportunity of a Lifetime!!!
ummm!! like, Totally dude!! thanks!!

Bummer I missed out on the tester opportunity but this is so darling! Can't wait!

Hi again, you left a message on my blog and just in case my reply didn't get to you, my email is gimmebluesky@yahoo.com

Thanks!! Allison

Oh my gosh that is just precious. Your angel is going to look beautiful in it. You need to start a baby wear line.

Marguerite says: May 05, 2010 at 02:13 AM

I see you've gotten lots of testers, but on the off chance you might need a tester to translate your pattern to British terminology + test - I'd be up for that!

Oh Alicia this is so sweet and looks comfy over the dear little sprigged dress. I'm so interested in the yarn you mentioned not sure whether it's available down here in Aus. (But maybe we can find some dijon mustard tights for you!) I'm starting way too many things too (knitted)at the moment - happy crocheting ...

just SO precious!!!!

This is lovely.


This one is my favorite! The main stitch pattern makes such a dainty fabric.

These are all just gorgeous. I love the colors, too.
Maybe if I start brushing up on the crochet now, I can get something like these done by next winter.

Yesterday it was 81 degrees here...and today it's not going to top 60. I need a tulipy, warm, wooly little sweater dress to keep warm! It's lovely, Alicia.

Bev in Austin says: May 05, 2010 at 07:00 AM

Alicia, absolutely love your blog! Here's my suggestion for you re: tights - DYE! I've done it several times when trying to match handmade or pre-loved clothes.

gorgeous. i love this one so much.

colleen says: May 05, 2010 at 08:20 AM

here's where you can get mustard tights. sorry, no cabled....


I love the yoke on this one, plus the texture of the skirt. I see I missed out on the call for this round of testers, but count me in for next time!

Soooooo cute, and I am too late to be a tester. Nuts, maybe next time!

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