Change of Shift

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"Somebody was here, but then they got up."


"But I'm not allowed to stay on the hammock by myself [worry worry worry]. . . ."


"Oh phew. Someone Else came. He's reading. He'll be here a while."


"I am such a good dog."




aww. too sweet.

a perfect summer day! thanks for sharing.

I so need a hammock in my yard...

Sweeeeeet :)

aww so cute- I love how he is so relaxed and calm!

have a great weekend

Clover, you are so lucky to have what looks to be the perfect spot in the yard to relax. Enjoy!!!

The quilt is beautiful! I love the colors! But of course the corgi is lovely too! :)

That looks such a comfy spot! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

haha! i love it!

I would get so many books read if I had that hammock!

i read all your posts, i subscribe to your blog on my google reader.
even though i can't seem to make time to be craftfully inclined, i really enjoy your blog.
ESPECIALLY the narrative photo journeys you post of your pets, i love 'em!

Oh I wish we had a hammock! I was talking about this just last night with my sisters. Two of them have hammocks and love them. I don't know whaere I'd put it and our yard is so buggy.

Comfy comfy!!

LOVE! and my Corgis always like to see the pictures!

Yes, Clover, you are awesome. Patchwork and pets are really the perfect combination. Throw in a book, a hammock and it's a slice of Paradise. Hope all the members of your household have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

tacomapat says: June 25, 2010 at 10:06 AM


That hammock looks like the perfect spot for reading and napping. I need one!!! LOL Also I love that blanket/cover.


Oh my God, those big puppy eyes just slay me!

corgis and just doesn't get any better....

What adorable photos! I wish I could have a hammock and a patchwork quilt so I could read with my dogs.

From here on out, I don't believe any hammock will look it's finest without a pretty quilt and floral pillow to snuggle into... And a sweet-faced puppers for company, of course. :)

LOL you crack me up. Love the quilt on the hammock. I just put a big patchworky vintage quilt I bought the other day with 'picnic blanket' in mind (not that we ever actually go on picnics, but one can aspire to your picture perfect one the other day - especially with that cake!) in the wash. Now I realize that what I need to do after it hangs on the line in the sun all afternoon is go find and set up the hammock!

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

i am love with your pup!

Very cute, made my day!

OMG, the cutest photos! You guys look so cozy! :)

is that really your husband behind that book?? not wearing a plaid shirt (!) ;)

Who is that strange man not wearing a plaid shirt?

And there's somewhere in this country where you can comfortably wear a long sleeved shirt on June 25? I want to be there!

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