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Wow, has time ever flown! In two months, on August 10, my new book, Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living, will be released, and I am very excited!

This book was truly a labor of love. Everything about it is so special to me. Inspired by my own personal experience with needlework, it's a collection of thirty projects in decorative embroidery, cross-stitch, and crewelwork that was influenced by so many things that I love: flowers, history, folk art, Scandinavian design, vintage monograms, '70s style, pretty colors, blues and reds, geometic motifs, old line drawings. These are my dream projects, really. I love every single one of them.


Some of these designs are new and original. Some of them are really old, and drawn from historic sources or vintage clip art. Some of them are small and easy, so if you've never picked up a needle before you won't be overwhelmed or discouraged. Some of them are big and complicated, and you'll feel pretty darn proud of yourself when you're finished. You can read more about how the book is organized and what's included here. I tried to include something for everyone, and my hope is that this book will inspire you to start stitching, or, if you haven't embroidered in a while, to pick it up again.


As I did for my first book, for this one I did all of the photography myself at our house, or in a few other local places that I know and love, like our city park and in front of my neighbor's apple tree. Andy and Andrea were my endlessly cheerful photo assistants, running errands, moving furniture, nudging props, charging batteries, and a million other things I needed help with when I was too tired to think straight. All of the models are my friends and family, and their participation in this project is more special to me than I can possibly say.


If you'd like to pre-order the book (it will start shipping August 10), more information is here on my books page. I'll be doing some events here in town and I'll let you know the details as we get closer to August. I hear there are finished books in my editor's office so I should be seeing a copy myself sometime very soon. I always get so excited and nervous about that. But mostly I try to remember what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to contribute something to this great craft form. Embroidery changed my life, and I love it so much.


I am always delighted to come here and know that you are going to share something creative, beautiful, inspiring... all of the above. This is an extra special occasion, and it makes me so happy for you, and for me too! Your work and ideas, your vision are a pleasure that I hold dear. Thank you.

Congratualtions! I know you are excited. My grandmother was a great embroidery aritist. This sneak peek of your book reminds me of her.
Good luck - I know it will be successful!

Congratulations on your new book! It looks beautiful and that baby is just too much! Love

I saw this beauty on preorder at amazon a little while back and popped it right into my cart. So looking forward to having another one of your beautiful books in my hands!


Can't wait Alicia!

This is so exciting! I definitely need HELP in the world of embroidery so I'll be happy to pick this up for all your tips.

Alicia!!! I'm so excited!!!! xoxox

I used to do lots of embroidery as a little girl, and my grandmother's house was full of beautiful linen antimacassars (I love that word!) and tablecloths, all lovingly hand stitched by her when she was first married. I've been needing the push to start sewing again, and I think your beautiful book will do the job. Contratulations - how exciting!

How exciting for you Alicia. I am so happy for you and look forward to getting a copy of your new book. I love embroidery too and I'm glad to see it's revival. Hopefully it's here to stay. Again, congratulations on your new endeavor.

Congratulations! How exciting. I am already loving the designs. Krewelwork is something I look forward to trying. My grandma embroidered. It is something I am learning to do. I feel so connected to her when I embroider even when the end product comes out all wonky. Thanks for supplying me with even more designs!

Congratulations! Can't wait to see it in person!

hi alicia,
i am excited to receive your book. i am HOPELESS with a needle, but know i will treasure the book for your beautiful photography. and, gee, who knows, if there is a really really REALLY simple project, maybe i will be inspired to put aside my fear and try!

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 09, 2010 at 09:54 AM

Congratulations on the book! I am so happy it is about embroidery. Seemingly an old art, your book will bring it back to younger people. Thanks

I agree with Sandy. Embroidery is so doable, like crochet or knitting. You just pick it up and it's totally portable. Your books are great investments because there is a project for everyone. I have made something for every different aged member of my family from "Stitched in Time". Writing a book is such a feat. Congratulations!

I'm thrilled to learn of your book. I've enjoyed seeing the embroidery you've posted on your site. I am INTERESTED in embroidery but dont' know how to do it really, but have been put off by the old fashioned patterns I've seen. So glad to see your designs -- fresh and contemporary.

Oh, that's such exciting news! I'm already inspired, just reading this post! Cannot wait! Congratulations, Alicia!!! :)

Lauren (in PA) says: June 09, 2010 at 10:08 AM

Oh my gosh! Finally! I've been waiting for this since you posted that , was it an 'A' monogram that you were doing?!

A fair percentage of my holiday gifts will be embroidered (under-employed, WAY broke), so hopefully will be able to get some done from your book!

Oh my goodness, Alicia! You must be so proud. The cover is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to scour over every single page. Congratulations!

Fantastic!!!I know it will be beautiful and inspirational in equal measure. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy, get stuck in and enjoy it as much as I did/do "Stitched in Time".


Oooooo....I can hardly wait! Beautiful!

hip hip hooray! I've been eagerly awaiting this book since you first mentioned it in January 2009. I'll pop on over to the other page and pre-order it. Congratulations!!!!!

congrats! it looks awesomesauce!

Katie Christian says: June 09, 2010 at 10:29 AM

and happy birthday to me! woo hoo!!!

Congratulations, Alicia!

This is SO exciting! Both for you *and* your loyal fans!

Woooo-hooooooo! Can't wait!

I pre-ordered my copy from amazon weeks ago! I also sent a request to my local library, 'cause I would love for everyone in my community to have a chance to blossom from what I know will be a very special book. It looks so beautiful, Alicia. Congratulations!!
With love,

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