Summer Finally Arrives

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Oh, finally it's here. Happy happy happy. We went to the pool. Had a pizza party and niece sleepover. Went to the farm. Ate an entire pint of cherries by myself. Made freezer jam. Read and read and read and read. Worked on the book list. Kept the windows open every minute. Barbecued. Ate every meal outside. Switched the winter clothes out for the summer clothes. Got a pool pass. Watched Wimbledon. Mowed the lawn. Started a summer quilt.


[Massive sigh/sob of relief.]


Oh, how I love summer! The afternoons are gorgeous and I love reading under trees. Hope you have a good summer.


What a wonderful way to start summer!
I can't wait to see your quilt...

That's too funny. Over here, it's been so HOT, I've been trying to hurry Autumn up a bit. :) (Only 106 heat index!!!) Sounds like loads of fun over there, though. :) Enjoy it!

I just love, love, LOVE the way your tablecloth matches your dishes. So very vintage!

Is there anything better than a beautiful summer day and a good book? I think not.
How about a sneak peak of your summer quilt???

We have had lovely weather here in N.Ireland for a few weeks and today it started to rain!! I don't want rain! :( I want to go outside to play!
Vivienne x

sweet summer days are my fave!

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 28, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Beautiful table - tastes of summer!

How lovely! You make summer (my least favorite of all the seasons) sound wonderful.

As someone recently transplanted from Seattle to Sonoma County, I feel for you. I remember each spring waiting anxiously for the first signs of summer. I'm a summer girl at heart despite my love of snuggling in warm sweaters by the fire. I've read all of my northern friend's facebook posts about being cold and I shivered with them in my heart. I'm so grateful that summer has finally touched the pacific northwest.

What a lovely post. Makes me forget that I feel permanently sweaty and that my garden is parched. I've decided that I love the idea of Summer much more than the reality. Ooooh it's just started raining as i type and my garden is squeaking 'Thank you, thank you, sweet rain' Lots of love, Alicia, Amanda xxx

Ditto. And yes, it finally is here!!!

I love your summer quilts!

Yay! Sounds great! :-) Summer really IS a relief!

Nothing like the Summertime to get the heart soaring.


I almost thought I'd forgotten what the Sun looks like up here in Seattle! It's just so...BRIGHT!

Thank goodness. We're coming north to spend a week in the Portland area soon, and I was afraid all I'd need to pack were parkas and umbrellas. Maybe I can include a few pair of shorts, after all!!

I love summer!


You have been having some fun! I am so happy you are getting your summer. Love that oilcloth. It is oilcloth right? Well I still love it regardless, and the hydrangeas and the butter dish -so cheery; I can only imagine the yummy meal you had.

Btw, I tried your Cloudburst Frosting and it was a resounding hit! I will be making it again, perhaps even on my sacrosanct Christmas Red Velvet. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Good grief! You're supposed to take it easy in summer..... but your summer sounds like fun, fun, fun!

I'm sighing in relief with you! I can hardly contain myself--three days in a row with sun! I'll even take today's clouds but no rain! Can't wait to see the booklist!

I KNOW , RIGHT???!!!
It felt like Junuary was going to last FOR-EVER here in Portland. * sigh*
Now we can all walk on some much needed sunshine!

Yay! Sounds like a wonderful start!
Have you ever read the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Series by Susan Wittig Albert?! I do sooooo hope you have! If not, you would love them! Happy Monday! One day of school left for the kids, here in Ontario! Can't wait!

I'm in Portland, too, and it feels like forever since we had a weekend like this past one!

Hello Summer!
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

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