Bluebell Sweater

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PATTERN: Eyelet Yoke Baby Cardigan by Carole Barenys
SIZE: 12 months-ish
YARN: Garnstudio DROPS Merino Extra Fine

Here is my little Bluebell Sweater. I wasn't sure this one was going to work. I used size 4.0mm needles on my first try and it came out huge and disproportionate. I don't know why I used those needles. Sometimes I'll just get a bee in my bonnet to do something and pick up whatever needles are available (I think the 3.5mm's were in use on something else, maybe the lace) and just start . . . knitting? Weird. But you know how that goes? One time about twelve or thirteen years ago, right when we'd first moved here, I was sitting with Andy in a bookstore downtown at about 8:40 p.m. looking at a cross-stitch book. Suddenly, I got that look (oh, he'd seen it before): I HAD TO HAVE Aida fabric and some floss to start the project immediately. Uh oh. We went tearing out of the store, raced to the parking garage to get the car, and sped down the expressway to the craft store several miles away (in Hillsboro, which was the only one I knew of at the time [which also just completely cracks me up] ). We got there about two minutes before they closed and we ran through the store to the far corner. Andy got there first and began to chuck things (i.e.: a roll of fabric, a hoop, floss [which doesn't exactly "throw"] ) down the aisle for me to catch and put in the cart. I was calling out DMC floss numbers for him to pull. We were laughing so hard and the things were flying all over the place. This is how we party on a Friday night, people! When we had it all, Andy shouted, "Go, go, GO!" and we tore back across the store (with the rickety cart about to explode into a million pieces) to the cash register/goal line. The teenage employees gave us wide berth, deciding we had lost our minds. Or maybe they'd seen this before. Because who among us hasn't gone cross-stitch mental at least once??? Just admit it!!! You know you have!!!

It wouldn't even be the first time that, after such a performance, someone's said to me, "Wow — I didn't even know you could run!" See that? I can. When there is a good reason!

Thus it goes when the bee enters the bonnet. You must make. Too bad I didn't race to the store this time to get more 3.5mm needles. With the sweater, I was literally on the second sleeve a week later (i.e.: about 80% done) and just knew it was all wrong. So, frogged. That's what you call Learning the Hard Way.


So these photos are of the second sweater: exact same thing, just done on two-sizes-smaller needles. I still think it looks a bit wide (measuring out to 26 inches around, I think it was) but it came out prettier than I thought it would at many points. This is a sweet little pattern, by the same lady who wrote the top-down raglan sleeve sweater I made a few weeks ago.  These top-down seamless sweaters are soooooooooooo nice to do. In trolling Ravelry now, I am almost loathe to make anything that isn't some kind of seamless something. Some people just can't stand seaming sweaters. Turns out I am one of them.


Such a sweet sweater!! Love that beautiful eyelet yoke.

Cute! The color is perfect.

I've done that mad dash through the store a few times myself. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

You are not alone. Seaming is a beast! You and Andy are quite a team! Why is it that the embroidery (or whatever you need at the last moment) always in the far corner of a store? That baby hanger is too cute. You have made another beautiful heirloom-gorgeous!

I get a bee in my bonnet to make stuff sometimes too, (usually quilts) but I have all these roadblocks called children that GET IN THE WAY. Ah well. I may not get a lot done but if I didn't have children, who would I make adorable sundresses and snuggly quilts for? It's a tradeoff.

Glad to see you are getting your knitting ya-yas out now, b/c things will get...less easy...when your little one arrives. But I have been told that someday I will have more time to do what my heart desires when it desires. I don't kids are 1, 2, 3 and 5. Seems like we might never get there. Oh well. We're having a good time anyway!!

Lovely sweaters.

Such a cute, simple design! I get the bee-in-bonnet feeling too. Too many good things to make!

I got a bee in my bonnet when you first described sewing the hex patches together... but you warned us that they would be addictive so I took care of chores first (plus I had to wait for the hexes to come in the mail)... I understand completely the urge to start a project immediately!!

what a sweet sweater. i admire your skills.

Little sweaters are the best! I love 'em. Quick and practically painless!

Susan M. says: July 07, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Love, love, love this sweater. You must make more from the same pattern. Just too stinking cute!

I've come around to seaming but it took YEARS!

I always find that patterns written for baby/toddler sweaters seem inordinately wide... I'm sure it's not your knitting, it's the pattern.

Love the sweater!

Debbie Petsch says: July 07, 2010 at 10:11 AM

So pretty. Your baby is so lucky to have you making all these wonderful outfits for her. Any news on her yet? Just curious :-)

I love this parade of sweaters. I want to start my own parade so I can be cool one of the cool kids. But then I think, who are you knitting for? Who cares? Knit on, I say. A baby will come along that can use these. Thanks for the inspiration.

I like that story! I can totally relate. Sometimes you just get the urge to make something.

Your work is beautiful. I have given up on knitting and am sticking to crochet because knitting, for me, takes too long and the patterns that I have been using are not easy to memorize and therefore I continually have to read them. Crocheting, for me, goes so much faster. But, looking at all your beautiful work almost makes me want to knit again...almost.

Very sweet, love the color! :-)

Every sweater you knit is my favorite....until you make another one. This one is adorable with it's cute eyelet detail.

Actually, every single thing you make is so darn cute I can hardly stand it. I'm a quilter who hasn't knit in decades, but you make me want to pick up those needles again.

As always, sweet! and i love that vintage hanger!

I soo get what you and that bee-in-
bonnet mean.
Today, at almost 96F (that's without the humidex!), I 'had' to go find material to make my first quilt. I haven't a car, so I walked in this heat to the Salvation Army and found some charming remnants there. They are in the wash now and hopefully by this evening I'll be cutting the squares for my 'Blue Bunch' quilt.
I can't wait to begin!
Oh, I guess tomorrow I'll learn how the new sewing machine works.

A beautiful sweater and I loved the story.

Beautiful sweater! Thank you for sharing your work.

Just love your cross stitch adventure - so funny!! :)
Love the pretty little sweater, perfect as always!
Vivienne x

Wow, he even shops in the embroidery section. Is there no end to Andy's super-husband status?? You two are adorable.

BTW, after all my rambling I forgot to say how adorable your sweater is!

This is a wonderful sweater for a sweet little girl waiting to arrive. I have loved the past two sweaters you have made and each time you make one I say to myself "oh, this is the one I am going to begin when our baby arrives and I know what color I should knit it in". He or she makes their debut in almost six weeks - I am thinking or taking two color yarns to the hospital! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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