The Blue Nun

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Oh, I am tired. The studio is still in disarray, but it's coming along, slowly but surely. I've had several friends in town this week which has been so, so nice — and so nice to get out of the house a bit, too. After dinner every day, I look around the house for Clover. Every day, she is already up on the bed, waiting for me. It's so hilarious. When I go up, she's all, "Yeah! Yeah! C'mon in! It's nice here!" If she had hands she'd be patting the bed, I think. We sit on the Ollalieberry quilt and watch TV. She lays her chin on my ankles while I knit. When Andy gets home, usually around 8:30 p.m., she goes charging back downstairs to see him. But then she comes back up and fishes her bone out of her toy box and chews on it. Not before. Every night, the same schedule. She's a very routine-oriented dog, but we are a pretty routine-oriented family. I like it when the days are the same. Two nights ago, I finished this sweater. I'll post officially about it when I get some buttons on it (but here is the Ravelry link for details). The photo above is its pre-blocked state. I put it on the blocking board (here's some blocking info) this morning.


I had many, many random and IKEA-exhausted thoughts that I didn't make note of while knitting this sweater, but here are a few: 1) I feel like it took me forever to make this thing, but I see that it was only about a month. Felt like longer. 2) I don't think I ever really did get the yarn right for this one. The yarn I used was fine, but at the end of the day I think in my mind I wanted to see this sweater in something more rustic-y — something with more of a halo and less of a twist, maybe even in a more organic-y, neutral color. 3) The proportions are unusual, and I can't tell what I think about that. I might really like the way this super-deep yoke looks. Or it might look odd (i.e.: not fit right). I'm not sure. My gauge was right on. There was no measurement given for the yoke or the total length, from neck to bottom; mine came out to be 17" (for the 24 months size), which seems really long, though my length for the side seam was exactly right. So, we'll see. There's something sort of . . . ecclesiastical . . . about this sweater. Does anyone else think that? Why do I think that? It reminds me of a Gothic cathedral. Which I like.


Ah you funny girl. I can see what you mean..I love it! Blocking is amazing isn't it? Like magic! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Beautiful sweater! Sounds like you are tired & given your project maybe you need a change of pace??

Hahhaaa, that's funny. I agree: there is something ecclesiastical about that yoke. But you won't really know until you see it on a lovely two-year-old girl.

That is a beautiful sweater, truly. It's amazing how blocking can transform a piece of knitting. I am so bad at this - mainly because I have nowhere to block larger pieces. Love the colour too - a cool days of summer type colour

Susie Sears Taylor says: July 30, 2010 at 01:30 PM

I agree about seeing it on your girl. You are making heirlooms you know? Keep going with setting up the studio. I don't know how you ever had time to knit. When I sit down at night there is nothing left of me to do anything including hand work. I would make a good fat pillow for Clover Meadow.

yes, I see that reference- love the way you choose the names for your beautiful creations, Alicia. xo

The yoke resembles the yoke in a smocked Bishop's dress, doesn't it?? Maybe that's the ecclesial connection. What a lucky little girl that one!

very pretty....and yes, i agree it does take on a bit of a liturgical look!

Beautiful blue nun! I swear I thought you were about to discuss some Blue Nun wine or the Beastie Boys. ;) I love the gothic edging and I still love myself that quilt! Thanks for the blocking info as I am about to embark on some big girl knitting (meaning pieces will require some blocking). Happy weekend! Peace, Angela

Margot K of VA says: July 30, 2010 at 02:45 PM

Maybe,just maybe, it will be warn proudly as an Easter Jacket. Wait to decide until you have a little model who is willing to try it for you.

It DOES look like a gothic cathedral!

I looooooove it! I love the colour and the style... I think it will look dreamy on your little one!

I agree with the gothic window thing! I thought that too, even before I read your post. The color is so lovely but it's good to hear about why a yarn is/not good for a project...
And, thank you for the blocking board & tutorial. I have never done this because it seems so hard!

The shawl collar reminds me a a nun habit now that you said it, and I guess the lace does drip like rose windows in a church...It came out very nice!

i think it is gorgeous!

love the color, i think it goes perfectly with the style of the sweater and can coordinate with a lot of other colors! i also love the length. i think longer sweaters r wonderful!

It's absolutely beautiful!

I want one! I would seriously wear this one (probably all of the ones you have knitted, if they were my size)!

I can't believe it only took you a month to knit this!! Amazing!! :)

It looks like it was a very difficult pattern - I say that as a person who frogs lace knitting regularly! I think you've named it perfectly. I love when I have blocked a finished item. I stare at them for hours and smooth them and fold satisfying.
Jude x

I love the color and think it will look gorgeous in winter with all the grays in the sky! I can picture this with some nice riding boots - Sooo CUTE!

When it first came on the screen I gasped! I think it's wonderful.
And we have a dog that is part Clover and part Westie, Lula belle. She is also a creature of habit, in fact every morning she "herds" us all downstairs. So comical.

Reminds me of a clear, starry night. Cute even without the buttons on it yet!

Mary Ann says: July 30, 2010 at 06:19 PM

Its the round yoke I think. It reminds me of the big collar on the altar boys in the cathedral. Gorgeous colors!

Yes, I saw the ecclesiastical as soon as you mentioned it, but from the yoke, reminds me of the robes. Then when you said Gothic cathedral, I saw the stained glass gothically arched windows at the hem.

Ha! Blue Nun takes me back to my childhood and my parents drinking Blue Nun wine. I had forgotten about that for about 20 years.

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